Trump’s Support of Oil

Trump's Support of Oil why Trump cannot change anything Biden has decided and has issued a presidential executive order on.

Trump’s Support of Oil why Trump cannot change anything Biden has decided and has issued a presidential executive order on.

This article is my reaction to the following American Thinker article.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are now acting like they are dictators

So this is very interesting, and we need to meditate on this. Joe Biden and the democrat party decided by fiat, by presidential executive order that America has a problem with oil use and they without a constitutional mandate, without Congress debating or passing any law officially, Biden decided that America has to follow HIS green energy plan simply because he is president.

But as things go, it looks like he will not win reelection. So now they want to put the spin on things that Trump’s restoring America’s use and favorite status for oil is somehow illegal! Wow! What a reach. Because something isn’t according to their liking, it is illegal.

The Crazies are in control now!

They completely bypass the process of laws, Congress, the executive branch, the Supreme Court, and whatever comes out of old man Biden’s head is the law now? Doesn’t this seem similar to the downfall of civilizations in history past? Crazy men who become dictators with illusions of their rule of things, and any contrary position or reasonable debate warrants death to those who oppose. If this doesn’t persuade Democrats to vote for somebody else, what will? From now on, the law of the land is whatever the democrats say it is, and any opposition to them is terrorism. But they are not going to obey the Constitution anymore. They are not going to accept any court up to the Supreme Court challenges to their imposed will on the country. They disavow the authority of the Constitution and the Supreme Court. Furthermore, they are the law period.

Joe Biden’s Collusion with Green Energy


So these Green energy projects were gross failures, adding up to billions of dollars. Note that for the most part, these are Democrat pet projects that usually by pass Congressional oversight. Sometimes they get that project through Congress (rarely debated), and the famous we have a bill, you have 6 hours to read and study the 20,000-page monstrosity, and then you have to vote on it. In other cases a general bill is passed, like the Inflation Reduction Act, and under some pretense of that bill, the President gives his pet projects money.

There is no thoughtful examining of what a bill is supposed to do, what are its effects and consequences, and really is the law even necessary? I mean, all lawmakers in Congress want laws made and attributed to them. But just to spend money for the sake of spending money, is that really what most benefits America and Americans? No.

What about Biden’s promises and billions of dollars supporting Green energy? Wasn’t that the same thing but for the other side, the greenies? You cannot make assumptions that don’t stand up to examination and counter debate just because you made these assumptions and the world has to obey you!

Biden has entered dictator mode.

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