Why Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Why Trump Derangement Syndrome? examines the why and what of this craziness and the consequences also for the people with TDS and for the country.

Why Trump Derangement Syndrome? examines the why and what of this craziness and the consequences also for the people with TDS and for the country.

The question is what is it, and why is it? What it is, simply, is it is a temper tantrum of adults which is truly amazing that people can be so immature as to “do anything they can in order to keep Trump out of the Presidency of the United States, or overthrow anything he tries to do as president.” While the majority of Republicans greatly dislike the Joe Biden presidency, they still honor and respect the office of President even though the current holder of that office is disliked. But TDS is a mental problem with these people.

Why People Hate Trump

While the changing of the President of the United States can go from one political party to another, nobody likes it when their people are not in the office. But the thing here is that once a proper election has been done, everybody has to accept the results and accept what that President does. When the election is not proper, or when the President oversteps his bounds, then other factors come into play.

If you take a broad view back at history, Trump is a truly amazing character. What amazes me about Trump is that with any politician of any party just about, if you dig deep enough, they always come up stinking of corruption. With TDS in full force, these people cannot find anything the Trump has done illegal. They have to make up things which are not in themselves legal.

The first reason people hate Trump (and these are not in the order of priority) is simply because the very same people have been illegally manipulating the US system for their own purposes (which is corruption, to illegally make money from what is going on). Trump has made it a mark of his to call out and oppose this corruption, commonly called “the swamp”. So Trump is similar to a lawman that cannot be bought off.

The second reason why people with TDS hate Trump so very much is that he is a self-made man. In other words, in a world where all politicians make their money from shady deals, done with the corruption of the government itself allowing this corruption and covering up this corruption, Trump made his money legally. Trump is a wheeler and dealer in the business world, and that is so much why people hate him.

The third reason why people hate Trump is because of his conservative values. Actually, I think some liberals have concluded many years ago that conversativism has been slain. They thought that they would never see it in power again, but they were wrong, and they are seeing Donald Trump all too big and live.

Within this reason, Donald Trump “fits” with Christians in America. That in itself is very bothersome to every liberal. They hate Christianity and Christians. They are “sworn enemies” of Christianity. That being the case, Donald Trump has become something of a lightning rod for these Christian haters.

What TDS is

We get into morality here. Whereas many different tactics can be used in politics, supposedly there are limits. For example, when candidates start throwing mud, and those attacked throw mud back, that is wrong. But parties on neither side have morality, it seems, so they just don’t care. But the electorate does have morals (some), and the voters tend to not vote for politicians who get too involved in mud slinging. There is a certain acceptance in defending one’s self, especially when it is galling and accusations are absolutely without any warrant.

But Trump Derangement Syndrome is the release of any and every morality if they can just cancel Trump. They want to cancel what he has done, what he is, and what he is trying to do. But this goes further than that. They will break the basic, foundational laws and principles of our country if need be in order to accomplish their purpose. This is raw hate.

What TDS causes

While some conservatives do not want to see bad methods used in politics by any side, the unleashing of any and all bad characters, bad methods, and lies and hate does have some serious consequences. The first consequence is the cursing of God of all people who are involved in this. The fear of the Lord is a very real thing, and it should be very scary to everybody. God will not only curse specifically those who are improperly acting, God will most probably curse America with it. On the one side, you have the bad actors, and on the other side you have good people who are not involved with this “bad methods“, but they do not oppose it strongly either, and so God (as the proverb goes) give a nation the leaders they deserve. This is sad. It is a wake-up call to return to God, and America will probably sleep through the wake-up call also.

Personalities can get in the way

When Presidents let their personalities get in the way of their office, this is very destructive overall on government. Unfortunately, Trump is probably guilty of this. This infuriates the TDS people even more. It is not just that Trump is against them, but that Trump is smug in doing so. They have to “get him back.”

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