Politicians should serve not rule

Politicians should serve not rule

Politicians should serve not rule is an opinion piece by Pastor David Cox on the contrast between rulers and servants.

First of all, let me just point out that nations’ government leaders have taken morality from the Bible. Being “saved” as the Bible explains it or not, most governments in our Western world have kneeled before the morality of the God of the Bible. Many would want to dispute this fact, saying that God does not exist, or their nation does not make any reference to the God of the Bible, but these places like China, Russia, and North Korea for example are not places people really want to live in.

God puts forth the concept of service, which is very different from slavery. Slavery is where you serve because those you serve will harm you, make life unbearable for you, or even torture and kill you if you do not serve the every whim of your masters. God’s concept of service is to help the life of other be better by your sacrificing and meeting the needs of those you serve and benefiting them as you are able, and as you should help others.

So let’s explore some things of the Bible as they relate to government and our relationship with the politicians of the world, what a true politician who is pleasing in God’s sight should look like and how he or she should act.

The Bible’s Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is often confused in people’s minds. Many people think, “Do unto others as they do unto you.” That is not the way the Bible puts it. The Bible says do unto others as you would want others to do unto you. If you don’t want people to steal from you, then don’t you steal from anybody. This principle works in every culture and in every place in the world. God approves of it, and has instituted it through His word.

Worshiping the True God

Jesus boiled down everything that God wants from a person into two key points (Mark 12:30-31) love God with all your being, and love your neighbor as a person would love their own self. So to be clear here, God’s commandments in Scripture (the Bible) should hinge on a personal worship relationship (loving God) with God, and how you treat others in this live. As you understand and obey God in that relationship, it is seen in how you treat other people in this world. That is a fantastic point worthy of many a day of meditation on it and its ramifications.

Satan the Dictator and Destroyer

But that concept is modified by the Bible’s presentation of Satan, a fallen angel of God that opposes God and his spiritual principles by evil. Satan wants to hurt, harm, destroy and even drive people to die or be killed if he can. Satan’s principles can be summed up as the opposite of God, and where God wants us to treat well others, Satan wants us to do evil to others.

Service versus Slavery

So the concepts are dynamically opposite, Satan’s slavery is something that is harmful to you, that destroys you, and he uses dictators, evil agents that work towards submission and forced obedience, oppressing and removing all the liberties that you might have, or think you have.

God’s concept of service starts in His good will and nature towards mankind, placing him on a planet where man can live peaceable with his fellow mankind is harmony and good will, one to another.

Now I ask you a question, what does BLM taking over streets, destroying property, and harming and killing people that not all were even in these marches, they were just going about the business of their own lives? Do these actions over the last year speak to Satan or to God? Of course they are motivated by Satan.

Is it any surprise whatsoever when we notice Planned Parenthood joining arm-in-arm with the Democrat party to abort black babies more than white babies? Their clinics are concentrated in black neighborhoods. Black Lives Matters simply are not concerned with the life and liberty of black people but as Satan often does, they present one narrative but secretly follow another. This is called lying for those who do not readily identify this deception.

Communism versus Democracy

In the United States of our day (2021), we are facing an extremely strong “push” to go Communist. That system is being presumed as better, and our American Democracy is being pulled down by principle, by dishonest argument, and by attacking our founding fathers. We need to understand this and who is doing this to us. So what does it matter what kind of government is over me? Just ask any refugee from Cuba, China, Russia, Venezuela, or North Korea. They will enlighten your understanding greatly as to life under a Communist regime.

Communism is supposedly a rule of government “by the people”. That is true. There are people who want to be dictators over the rest of their society, and they are doing the ruling. Have you ever noticed that the people in the highest level of government in a communist country is never poor? They have the cream of their society at their hands.

Democracy, true democracy, is a government “by the people and for the people.” Their objective is to benefit all their people, the strong and the weak. Democracy has elections to choose who will rule over them. A bad apple will only rule for a period of time, and then they will not continue. In Communism, these bad apples are very common, and they usually run the gambit of their entire life in power until they get old and sick and die (Fidel Castro for example, chairman Mao another), or until somebody else stronger than they are comes along and knocks them out of power, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.

Note that under the Communist thinking, people cannot and should not be allowed to make decisions in their own lives. Under Democracy, the essence of Democracy is to allow people to live their lives, making their own decisions. Under Communism, the people have to ask permission to travel, but under Democracy, your travel is totally up to your own decision. Well, mostly. Because the Democrats in Congress have limited travel and going into stores under Covid. This is a step towards their ideas of Communism. Communism restricts people from entering stores and buying things for themselves with their money. Equally, the Democrats are pushing Covid passports to limit access to places of entertainment, or purchasing goods, of service, etc. so another step towards the Democrat dream of Communism for all.

Politicians should serve not rule

So we get to the nitty gritty of all of this, under God’s scheme of things, people should not be a dictator over other people, but the politicians and rulers should serve their people. Democrats have pushed the propaganda that they are giving away freebies to the people. I am from the South, so I will use what I have seen in my life in the South of the United States.

The federal government (via the control and influence of the Democrats) have pushed federal assistance programs. These help unfortunate black people. But what is really best for these people? Should they be fed by tiny spoonfuls from the government coffers for life? Or having a good paying job where they can live comfortably and in peace from their own income? For lazy people, (which God curses because laziness is immorality, sin) they would rather do nothing and get paid for it. Again, the Democrats want a permanent wage with no work for it. They are paying people more to not work than the minimum wage they are suggesting be the norm.

So even our own country’s Constitution identifies and recognizes that people should have right to pursue happiness, that is to use the work, energy, talents, etc. that one has to obtain what they want and can pay for.

But there are very specific attitudes in those in positions of ruling over others that we must identify here. A ruler is a person called by God (yes that should be understood, the person is doing a work that God desires, so they are under God’s rules in doing this work) to do this work. God wants rulers to serve the best interests of their people. Under Communism, these people want the government to enter every aspect of life and take over, and squeeze these things so that the rulers can get rich, be powerful, and live well. Under Democracy, the rulers (who acknowledge God and obey God’s rules) are serving their people, seeing that these people’s lives are benefited. Obeying God’s rules and principles is first and foremost, then the will of the people comes in second, and the desires and wishes of the rulers come in third.

Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: 4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. 5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.

As a further clarification, government people (governments) are the servants or ministers of God. There purpose is to do good, to reward or esteem publicly those who do good, and to punish those who do evil. Resisting this purpose and power of God is against what God commands us. If the government has understood these principles, then they will be a terror to those who want to do evil. With the Democrat support of Black Lives Matters and Antifa, are these groups terrified of the government, or is the government supporting, defending, justifying the evil that they are doing? Technically God gives the civil government the power to “take lives” of evil doers if their evils pass a mark, with premeditation causing the death of another.

What is the will of the people? Actually there is a fourth principle that should enter here, and that is the will of the founding fathers. These gentlemen after having examined the errors of rulers before them, and understanding the principles of God in the laying out of law and rule with a Christian legal understanding foundation, these gentlemen set out rules and principles which best serve the people. They focus on the rights of people. These are inalienable rights, rights that God grants every man and woman, and they are not “given” to their citizens by government. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights has the element of recognizing God’s sovereignty over us before all. We cannot violate those principles and norms.

So for example, freedom of speech means that every citizen has the right to express their own beliefs, points of view, and positions on issues without restriction from other people. The filter to stop stupid people putting stupid ideas out in public is the public who weighs and accepts or rejects, or “I don’t care” about this stupidity. The filter is not the government. Using the logic, “a person cannot cry fire in a crowded theater” principle, our democratic government has entered into the practice of Communist governments in restricting free speech.

Let’s examine that logic about crying fire in a crowded theater. 1) you are ignoring the possibility that there is a real fire, and that person is just being responsible. When you wish to take away this right to speech, you could be stepping on what would truly save those people’s lives. 2) Even if there is no fire, most people will look around them, and they will assess their situation for themselves. No smoke, I will watch the rest of the movie then leave. When you run and over run other people in fleeing, that is irresponsible conduct. The danger comes not from the fire really, but from the irresponsibility of the people involved. So those who use this “logic” are pushing an animal response, somebody cries some danger, and everybody goes crazy trying to run out of the building. This logic reinforces this irresponsibility. 3) What really happens when there is a fire in a theater? As a matter of fact, when this situation arises, there are responsibilities on the theater management people. They are to open a PA system and announce to the people that there is a fire and please leave the building in orderly and safe conduct. So announcing a fire in the building in itself is not wrong. Management should be doing that if they are responsible.

So this “logic” of repressing speech because it “might” hurt somebody is just not any logic at all. All the while these government types presume their “right” to repress free speech because it might or could be damaging, what do these same people do with the drag queens reading children’s books to young children? They give that a pass as those people’s freedom of speech. So do you see a problem here? Free speech is what I give you, if I so choose, but not what God gives a person.

The Bible is very heavily against lax speech habits, where people speak without thinking of the consequences of doing so. Gossip for instance is condemned in the Bible. Prudence is a virtue. Lying is a sin. So it is not that God wants people to go spouting off stupid ideas. No. But it is their right. From these “stupid and dangerous ideas” that some people say, they have 100% truth behind what they are warning.

The problem here simply is that the Democrats speak many lies, and it is getting to the point where nobody is believing their lies. Black people are realizing that the promises that the Democrats have made over the years were not for their benefit, but to enslave them to keeping the Democrat power machine in control. They are refusing to follow these liars, the Democrats. So the Democrats want to repress people like Donald Trump who point this out publicly and anybody with half a brain says, “you know, Trump is right on this.” He points out that the Democrat fortresses like New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, all have had decades of control, and the result is not a paradise, but a purgatory. Their control destroys the beauty of a place. So according to the Democrats, that kind of statement is a danger, so my voice should silenced. But what is the real good for the people?

What is real service?

Real service to a people is protect the people from foreign and national forces that would do harm to them. Has the Democrat party as a whole or many individuals among them condemned the rioting? Or do they go and join and promote the rioting like Maxine Waters (D-CA)?

So again we see and alignment of these Democrat actors with the harm of other people, not the protection and defense of anybody. But wait, that is wrong. They are defending the Black people or so they say. We need to understand that no person black or otherwise has a right to steal, harm, or in any other way do something evil to their fellow citizens. God and the law calls on them to do unto others what is good and right. Since when do you defend criminals over regular citizens minding their own business? Yes, any criminal prosecution should be orderly, presuming that they are innocence until proven guilty, but to defend convicted criminals doing evil again? No.

It is not in the best interests of black communities that the police ignore the suspicious actions of people in those communities, whether the suspects are black or otherwise. Black on black crime is very serious, and very frequent. So supporting the people taking down suspects (even if they are black) is what politicians and the general citizens of America should support. So undercutting the police efforts by “defunding them”, who is that helping? The criminals.

The more we meditate on these issues, the more we see that Democrats are on the side of Satan. They see any help coming from the federal or state or city government should be clearly marked “help given by the Democrats, keep us in power.” Giving away free things presupposes that you have the wherewithal to do so without going broke. We cannot do what they want because we (the United States) are already broke. But it is not about helping people, but control.

The homeless people in California, where did they come from? The Democrats in California created that problem and they want these people in their streets. Before they were allowed to sleep in the street, where were they? Some of these people are lazy and don’t want to work. But some of them simply could not pay the high rents that California has fomented on the people of their state. For all the ridiculous rules the state puts on owners of rental property, they have driven up the costs to the landlords so they pass that on to the citizens, their renters. Removing these obstacles to a balanced rent, they would serve their own people greatly. But that is not their purpose. Control is their purpose, and they want voters that respond to their hand outs by voting Democrat in the next election.

Serving not being a Dictator

A government employee, whether hired or put into office by an election should seek to serve the people they represent. That service is not elements that facilitate them having more and more control over the people, but in reality, helping them. Our Constitution and system is based on individuals having freedoms to work, to speak, to pursue their happiness, and whatever government does should defend that and protect that. Control by a government dictator is not convenient for anybody but the dictator and their cronies.

There is an issue here that I haven’t mentioned in serving. Whether I sit and dine ignoring all else or I stand and bring food from the kitchen is a decision I make. But to serve there has to be a decision and will in the servant to put their own benefit to one side, and truly seek what those they serve want and need. Yes, you serve your kids and they will always want pizza. Nobody wants to eat their spinach. But the point is, there is a universal good that good parents seek by influencing their kids to eat right. There is no hidden benefit to this except for the nutritional good of their children. When you see Kamala Harris giving away her book (purchased with the federal government’s money) to every arriving illegal, then you see a personal gain for her from her governmental action. That is wrong.

When you examine the careers and financial situation of people in our government, you see some are making way more than they should be making. They are skimming off the top. (The Biden family via Hunter getting a benefit of 1.5 billion dollars in non-paid loans from the China government isn’t skimming, it is dipping deep. And that was before Biden was president!) The focus of a public servant should be doing good to others, not lining their own pockets. The atmosphere of politicians dipping deeply into gain through their governmental positions (for example, Bill and Hillary’s gain from their positions) is rank foul. Donald Trump took a loss of his salary, and a greater loss from neglecting his businesses in order to serve America. Nobody has shown where he has profited, yet we never hear of any investigations of the Clintons nor of Obama, nor of the Bidens. It speaks for itself.


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