ACA and Private Health Insurance

ACA and Private Health Insurance

ACA and Private Health Insurance is a note about some things happening and how it affects private health insurance.

For reference: Afforable Care Act (Obama’s ACA) has doubled the cost of individual health insurance.

What the government is doing to our medical care is to make doctors the secretly report everything having to do with your health to the government all across the US.

Why does the US Government want everybody’s health records

First of all, we have a right to privacy, and this ain’t it. The government is invading our lives in ways nobody can resist. Whenever somebody is sick, especially if it is a serious sickness, they have to go to a doctor, and whether they know it or not, that doctor’s reports everything about your sickness to the government.

How do you handle 400 million people’s health records? You don’t you have it, but it is unreasonable to think that every time you have the flu, there are government employee shifting through that report. But our medical people are having to do that, and it imposes a significant overhead of staff on their part to send in these reports. It is strangling and killing private medicine. That is the objective apparently.

If you think you can get around this, when was the last time you bought antibiotics without a prescription?

What is the effect on health care?

Simply put, it is driving up pricing needlessly. Who pays for this? You and me. Doctors just pass the cost on to their patients. In Mexico, I can see a doctor for $200 pesos or $10 US dollars. In the US, it is a good deal apparently to see a doctor for $200 dollars. Why? Because in Mexico, doctors make two of their rooms in their houses into a waiting room and a patient examining room, no nurses, no receptionists, and no staff to send in paperwork.

That is the difference. Think on this. They are arranging life so as to make things cost more. That is what big government does. This seems to be a Democrat versus Republican (or versus Trump) thing. Trump reduced reporting requirements in many areas and the economy responded with more money for the common ordinary people. Biden and formerly other Democrat presidents and Congress has imposed more regulations and reporting requirements and the economy is hit and goes down.

Obamacare more than doubled health insurance costs for workers and families, with the national average premium increasing by 129 percent from 2013 to 2019.

Recent years have shown that costs drop when states can use regulatory relief to provide options tailored to the unique needs of citizens with high health costs.

See the report for state by state insurance changes over 2015 through 2019. I would like to see 2021’s numbers. It should be through the roof.

Obamacare Doubled the Cost of Individual Market Health Insurance

As Table 1 shows, the national average monthly premium paid in the individual market in 2013 was $244, while by 2019 it was $558—more than doubling (a 129 percent increase) from 2013 to 2019. In contrast, over the same period, the average monthly premium paid in the large-group employer market increased by only 29 percent—from $363 in 2013 to $468 in 2019. (For comparison purposes, we applied the same analysis to the MLR data for the large-group employer market).

ACA and Samaritan Health Insurance

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