Biden fight to lower Gas Prices

Biden fight to lower Gas Prices

Biden fight to lower Gas Prices is an opinion piece about Joe Biden’s “fight” to lower gas prices.

Reference article: After months of promising lower gas prices, Biden gives up (

Okay, to begin with we need to take a step back and consider what people say, how they argue, and what they are really doing. So the Democrats criticized President Donald Trump when he was in office calling him “childish”, an outside that doesn’t understand how things work, and inept at really getting things done. Right. Now keep in mind that we had the best economy, lowest gas prices, lowest unemployment, a low inflation rate, all during President Trump’s four years. I defy Barack Obama’s taking credit for all of that and dumping it in Trump’s lap. DURING YOUR PRESIDENCY (Obama), you could not do it. Thinking that anybody would believe that your actions took four years before anything good was seen of them is pure poppycock. A lie.

So Biden “says” he is fighting to lower gas prices. He says he is doing everything possible to lower them. IN the article cited above, he is now giving up that fight saying it is impossible to bring gas prices down. But wait a minute. Gas prices was around $2.00 a gallon when Trump left office. Why not try to repeat what Trump was doing? i.e. make the US a gas producing country and see if that changes things? Is that not also something that he could do? I mean he could even ask Trump to be the new Gas Czar. No Biden cannot do anything to accept or acknowledge that the outsider President Donald Trump knows the economy better than the Democrats.

Biden fight to lower Gas Prices

So Joe Biden promised before entering the White House that he would chastise and cause problems for the energy sector. In the article cited above, his solution now is to buy yourself a $50,000 electric car. So Biden is the sworn enemy of the energy sector, and what Biden has done (or has not done) in the gas crisis tracks exactly with somebody who wants to destroy fossil fuel in America. Biden is talking out of both sides of his mouth. You cannot act and talk in support of the anti-petroleum crowd, and lower gas prices at the same time. That is one against the other. Which are you catering to?

The press needs to hold Joe Biden’s feet to the fire and make him open and support the US petroleum industry. It is totally illogical to NOT support the US gas industry when the government makes them use the cleanest processes in the world to produce gasoline, and then when gas is not available (and prices go up accordingly), then beg other gas producing countries (which use cheaper but more polluting processes to extract gas) for our gas needs.

Now the Gas Companies are to Blame

Going exactly along the lines of Communism, the government controls everything in the area of production. Jimmy Carter used price controls. The reason why prices are so high under Democrat Presidents is simply because they do not under how the free market works. In accepting a free market system (which we have had since the beginning), supply and demand controls prices. It all gets evened out and stable as the system works. But no system of producing and selling will work if their is no transportation of goods. If shipping get strangled by gas or diesel prices, then that gets passed on to the consumer.

Many drillers and others in the sector have blamed his regulatory agenda for crimping output.After months of promising lower gas prices, Biden gives up (

Biden is blaming the oil producers for gas prices. That means that Biden and all his advisers haven’t a clue to how our economy works. Trump understands it exactly. You cannot say you understand it better if you cannot work with the system to make the prices go down. These Democrats are truly clueless on governing.

The Democrat Game Plan

What we are seeing (except for the idiots that still support Biden) is that the Democrats want to destroy our country and our governing Capitalist system. They cannot be supported, and they have to be voted out of office, every one of them, as soon as possible. Look at what your next fill-up costs you and remember who did this at the next election.

What was their Political Pitch

Democrats say that things will be better with a Democrat in the White House, and Democrats in control of Congress. Well, they got their wish and the whole country is falling apart. They simply are trying to remain in power, and that at any cost THAT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES HAVE TO PAY FOR IT TO BE SO. This 4 years should teach people that Democrats will promise you a fistful of money in one hand, and once in power they will take two fistfuls from you.

Biden fight to lower Gas Prices

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