Whose energy crisis are we in?

Whose energy crisis are we in?

Whose energy crisis are we in? is a frank discussion of the root sources of the present energy crisis the United States is experiencing. Whose energy crisis are we in?

There is a saying that some people use. When a person in a position of responsibility does something that doesn’t work out because the thing they did was just the wrong thing to do in that situation, a responsible mature adult person is going to “own up to that thing.” They made a mistake because of their lack of experience, expertise, knowledge, wisdom, will power, etc. If they don’t own up to it, that they are responsible, others will make them own it. Joe Biden caused the energy crisis, and he needs to “own it.”

Governing people are supposed to be experts

The corollary to this principle is if those who govern us are not experts in something, they need to be smart enough and mature responsible people enough that they will admit their ignorance and call advisors before them to inform and persuade the people who make the decisions to make a sound and wise decision.

But at the end of the day, whether the governing people are experts themselves or they can call and listen and investigate an issue such that they or the experts they listen to make the right call, those governing people are credited with being wise and smart.

I would rehearse before you what the Democrat party has plunged America into. Under the old way of doing things, the way outlined in the Constitution and by the founding fathers of our country, the way government was to work is that the Congress makes the laws of our land, and that process is a by partisan process where the Congress, the House and the Senate, do investigations and deliberate on what laws should be, and what specific qualifications, limitations, manners of implementing the law, etc. should also be included in the law. That is the old way.

Starting with Obama, the old way was thrown out of the window, and Obama used executive orders excessively to take away the law making function of Congress. Really, they have their point in asking why is the Congress even necessary if the president makes the laws now? Congress is not necessary for their scheme of things. Politicians want power, and if you give them all they want, they will negate anybody else except themselves as the law givers. Rights cease to exist. Except the absolute right for them to do what they want. It is funny if not making you cry to see this, but a Democrat president by passing Congress (the majorities in both parts are Democrats), and making his own laws.

The Global Climate Lie

When you seek to control everything and everybody to solidify your strangle hold on power, you often kill what you should be seeking to help you govern. This is what has happened to academic schools and scientists. The Democrats have so infiltrated and entrenched money and power from the taxpayers into these institutions that now the Democrats tell the scientists what the evidence is instead of the other way around. The Democrats are telling the medical profession what the science is there also. The Democrats are telling the economists what the monetary events are instead of the other way around.

CO2 is a necessary part of our existence on earth. Animals and humans breath in oxygen and by the processes of life in their body (we eat food that has carbon in it, and that carbon reaction products CO2 and energy). Any high school science book in the last 100 years recognizes that, but somehow they all now push another narrative. CO2 is a green house gas. It is not. Most of earth’s surface is covered by water, and the oceans absorb this CO2 into the water.

But the science says that the cycle needs all elements. It needs plants to produce oxygen and it needs animals and humans to change or use that oxygen to release the carbon into the air as CO2. The plain truth of the matter is that when plants or plant matter (like oil) burns, that is the same thing as an animal or human just living.

Contrary to what the Greenies are telling us, it is not wrong for humans to live. Why is it a natural right for turtles to live, but not humans? This is lunacy. The Green agenda is based on presumptions that is not science. It is totally absurd that the Greenies say that the ice on earth is melting and sea levels are rising, but realistically, that is not noticed nor seen anywhere the land meets the water, but only seen by Greenies proclaiming it. Al Gore said that the lowlands of the Atlantic coast and the beaches would all be under water by sometime in the early 1990s. So these predictions are soon enough to scare people but we just don’t see it at all. Realistically, according to the science, the amount that the sea levels are rising is something like .01 percent per 100 years, with a plus or minus error of .03. So with the swings of climate into a hotter climate and then into a cooler one, there is nothing to see here! There is no climate crisis.

I will totally believe them when I see the waters cover the top of Obama’s beachfront mansion (and not from a hurricane). But until then, I count all these Greenies as just crazy nuts with a hidden agenda to push. Whose energy crisis are we in? Joe Biden’s.

The Energy Crisis is of the making of the Democrat party and Joe Biden

If Joe Biden respected and obeyed the Constitution, then he would follow the tradition of governing that has been practiced since the beginning of America. He would have studied what executive orders he was signing the first day, and he would have either not done them, or he would have done things differently, because we are in a crisis for energy.

As a point of reference, the United States was not doing so great on producing our own energy under the former presidents, except under Trump. Under Trump’s philosophy and governing, we fixed what was wrong with energy going back 50 years or more. After that, Joe Biden broke our energy provision system on day one of his presidency. Now obviously (hindsight) he did so because he entered the presidency in a fraudulent election, and he had to do what damage he could quickly because he was afraid the powers that be would remove him and place the legitimate President Trump in for a second term.

But none-the-less, Joe Biden and the Democrats have to own the crisis of their making. Their reasoning is not scientific, and their actions are not wise. IF, and this is a big if, but IF the United States has to cultivate alternative energy sources, they should have studied this for 50 or 100 years slowly bringing it in as a transition. Because of their error, pushing the death of petroleum energy for example, they have caused an immediate crisis.

People have to live. Businesses need energy, and without work, people cannot live. So you cannot just jump into some future vision that people have, but they do not know how life will exist without oil based energy. So this is shear stupidity at best, and the thinking and actions of a lunatic at worse. Or even worse than that, it is the plan of a mean spirited people wanting to get rich from this foolishness.

The solution for high gas prices is not spending 3x more for an electric vehicle than what you would for a gasoline car. Is there any science or smartness in moving the combustion process to produce energy from many cars to a big coal plant that is producing electricity? And in the process, govern grabbing control over everything, and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden getting rich off the scheme? No. Electricity and wind, as it is now, are producing less than a third of our energy demands if even that much. The amount of resources in coal and gas to produce these alternative energy methods far exceed what little difference an electric vehicle saves over a gasoline one. In fact, when you factor in the amount of coal used to make an electric car, they are worse on the environment that a simple gasoline vehicle.

Electric Vehicles are toys, not for serious transportation

A golf cart is also an electric vehicle. But once you want to go off the golf course, they become ridiculous. They just cannot handle either the speed nor the distance for long range normal car use. Electric vehicles need to recharge constantly. If there are not charging stations, then they need a tow truck to get them to a charging place. But there are serious concerns when it comes to their viability. In Florida, the EVs caught fire when under water. There are a good number of cases of electric buses and cars catching fire in normal use. These vehicles are not for prime time use. They are toys. Fun to play with, but not able to stand up to the demands of constant normal use.

In “normal” use, they don’t do well in hot temperatures because the batteries don’t behave well in hot climates. Turning on the A/C makes their range extremely less. In cold climates, you likewise cannot turn on the heater because of the serious hit that makes on the range/battery length of time between charges. So even normal use is difficult. You do not have these problems with a gasoline or diesel car.

When your car of any kind gets near to its energy limit, it takes less than 5 minutes to gas up a gasoline vehicle, and for an electric vehicle, that stretches out to a few hours or so. When driving around town, that may not be a problem if every place you park at has a charging station. But on a long distance trip, that is just unacceptable. People who travel between distant points in our country cannot plan a trip stopping 3 to 8 times during driving, each time for 3-4 hours, to charge up. This is just unreasonable when there is a simple solution with the present setup. Gas stations everywhere. You control your own progress.

Whose energy crisis are we in? Joe and the Democrats want you to suffer. Make them own it come election time.

Biden embarrasses America

When we were producing all our own energies needs plus selling the surplus to other countries just a short 2 years ago, it is extremely embarrassing that our president has to go around the world begging Communist countries to sell us their oil. If we don’t need oil (because Biden has forbidden it or is frustrating its production in our own country) then we should just do without. But Biden and the Democrats have to own up to that decision in the elections. They don’t see anything wrong with the high price of gas. They have said some things that indicate that they are very happy with making Americans that voted for them suffer. How stupid are we to again vote them and their crazy policies back in for another helping!

Whose energy crisis are we in? Joe and the Democrats want you to suffer. Make them own it come election time.

Biden puts the cherry on top

So, what could be worse than causing an energy crisis when we have an abundance of energy resources from our own land? Joe Biden sold oil from our strategic resources to China while the price of gas goes higher and higher. In other words, Biden is more interested in propping up a Communist dictatorship, one of our enemies rather than helping the people who pay their US taxes and voted from Biden in the last election. How crass can you be?

Oh, now I remember the Biden crime family clan got a billion and half dollar loan from China that they don’t ever have to pay back. Well why don’t you own that one too Joe.

Whose energy crisis are we in?

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