Nasty Non-Consumerism for Liberal Companies

Nasty Non-Consumerism for Liberal Companies

Nasty Non-Consumerism for Liberal Companies is a real perspective for sane people towards the politics of modern companies.

My Position

Let me just start by saying that I am a Republican, Conservative, and Christian. That is where this post “is coming from.” I like to watch TV and movies, or at least I did. I like Coca-Cola. But as both celebrities have “come out of the closet” as far as their sexual orientations and preferences, and their political positions, I am changing myself quite a bit. It has been a little over a year that I have not purchased a Coke product. That little bit of negative consumerism I have learned from our liberal friends that want to destroy any company that is wholesome, conservative, Christian, family values oriented, or especially MAGA.

A Balanced Sense of things

To me, a balanced sense of things is simply to keep politics out of consumerism, what you buy and where you buy it, as well as what products you purchase. But the liberals seem to have made it a do or die issue to only support liberal products and services. Hollywood has for years now forced the faces in TV and movies to be black, Asian, females or homosexuals. We hope that they will stop before giving us commercials on the how-to details of homosexual sex or transgenders anything. But don’t miss the point that Hollywood doesn’t like any of these groups, they are just using them for their own ends.

But quite frankly, I am a white man in his 60s. If the blacks were innocent that were taken as slaves in Africa several hundred years ago, I cannot see why I am guilty of anything in that matter. I have never had a slave, nor have my parents. So why I am being blamed? Am I not innocent? Moreover, what should I have done to change my present state? A white male, a grown man? There is nothing conceivable that I could have done to correct this, and I simply refuse any idiot who wants to try to convince me that my being white, therefore I should commit suicide. No. My God and my religion don’t endorse that for anybody. That is Satan talking through his puppets. I reject the whole lot of them and their puppet master.

But let’s get serious about some things. How should we react?

Woke Hollywood Celebrities

When a person makes a statement about themselves, whether they are Democrat or Republican, whether they are woke or Conservative, that is their constitutional right. I have no problem with that. But anybody that does needs to understand the risk that they are taking to their career as well as the consequences that could come back on them to haunt them.Some people will love them for their stand, and others will begin to hate them for it.

Hollywood is a whole industry that is fake. It is not what it seems to be. They make fake houses, buildings, and even cities to make a little more money. That is their choice. It is my choice to refuse anything that they produce, or to selective consume what I want. (We are not to the point of North Korea that installs a radio with one station, that of the police state, in every home, and you cannot turn it off. But that is probably on the drawing board for Joe second term.)


So let me just make “MY STATEMENT”. I want to see whites in the TV, movies, cell phone etc. I do not hate blacks. I grew up in a public high school that was about half black. I know black culture. What it used to be, which was more Christian morality than the gangs and rap violence of today’s blacks. But if there are about 20% of the United States which is of color, i.e. blacks, then that should be there representation in Hollywood and also in sports, politics, etc. Look at the NFL or NBA, and tell me that blacks are underrepresented. That would be a gross distortion. Blacks have taken over those sports. In Hollywood, the same woke white men that are preaching to the world wokeness, well, apparently their own Hollywood actors guild and awards and things are not subject to that preaching. Why not? Because they are using this (the blacks) for their own perverted ends.

If blacks are repressed, tell me why Will Smith is a billionaire? He has dozens of movies and is making gads of money, residuals, which means he will continue to make that every year even if he stops acting. I really liked some of Smith’s movies, but over time, I just cannot identify with any man that let’s his son dress up in a dress like a girl. Whatever he seems to be in his movies, Smith has let the world see (as a positional statement of him and his family) that they are just weird. Since his aggression against another black man that was just doing his job, I cannot “stomach” anybody that is so gross. I don’t see that aggression against Chris Rock as being racist. It is just the black culture showing its ugliness even against their own black people. So there are a growing list of celebrities that once I see their face or name on the credits as an actor or actress in the movie or theatrical work, they are toast with me. I stop the movie in its tracks, watch no more of it, and cut it off. This is unfortunate, because Smith has made some good movies in my opinion, and I liked them when I saw them the first time. Literally, I cannot get through seeing them nowadays.

The wokeness of our day has made me into that. For the sake of their trying to force the world into their politic corner, under their thumbs (which isn’t going to happen with me, the Lord willing), they have ruined Hollywood and entertainment for everybody. Smith received an award at that awards ceremony. So he had to make his wife happy instead of staying seated and just saying something afterwards that he didn’t like the joke, like want a grown up adult would do. This people have the maturity of a kindergartner. Really! One child will be offended, and he will get up and cross the room and slap his companion. If he was so touchy, that is another character trait of a child, then he should have said that he wanted to censor the jokes being told beforehand.

I do not think that wokeness should be considered in watching something or consuming something. But this constant tirade of wokeness is getting very old, very quickly with me. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, good bye. Coca-Cola, no more. Their market is to “non-white males.” They may have good products, but this thing works both ways. As liberals cut off conservative products and make all celebrities go through a wokeness test before they are “approved”, I am going to do the same thing in a smaller scale. We will have our non-wokeness test before I spend my money. But millions of people like me are also fed up and are doing the same. If Starbucks can survive and thrive on just liberal people, good for them. Go for it. But I am not consuming anything from their stores.

So to be clear here, I think I am in a majority of people out there. If a company makes no stand on wokeness, they just produce a good service or product, everybody from every flavor will use them. But if they do declare one way or another, then we “will pick sides.” That is what is going to happen. I will not be forced to consume or support wokeness when I don’t agree with it. Sorry, but I am still under the deception that we live in a free world.

So if a big company wants to put a gay flag in front of their corporate headquarters, then why don’t they do the same for Christians that they want to purchase their products? Doing it for any one group of their consumers, they are slapping the face of the rest of their consumers. We didn’t worry about any of this kind of stuff before wokeness fell on us. In the end, everybody will curse wokeness.

See Nike’s Stock Plummets: Everything is on sale and the investors are not happy about it.

There is an issue here which I think is very important, and apparently they are not teaching this in business schools, or to business administration majors any more, or they are not emphasizing this. People buy and purchase services based on the quality of what they think the product or service is. Now just about every paper plate out there will serve its purpose for a single time and then be thrown in the trash. But there is the issue of convincing the public to purchase your paper plates instead of just grabbing any brand.

That is advertising. Somehow, businesses today have lost the idea that you do studies on consumers of your products, and you target those people that normally would buy your product in order to get those people wanting to purchase your product. What is worse than ignoring your consuming public is to deliberately offend those who use your products, and cater to people who are indifferent about your product (who want their public recognition, but after that, still will not buy your product). Your product may be the best in the world, but if you are targeting ONLY transgender people, non-transgender people will read the commercials coming out from you and stay away. It is economically suicide to represent yourself this way.

I have no problem seeing a commercial with 5 people in it, some white, some black, and some Asian, some men, and some women. I would consider buying that thing they are selling. But when these are all non-white, and all homosexuals or lesbians, I turn the thing off before it ends. Homosexuals and LGBT etc. crowd can freely do anything that is not illegal in our country, but I can reject and deny them completely out of any consideration, and I am not prejudiced nor racist because of it. In fact, blacks nowadays are doing the same thing. The commercials are slowly turning to all foreigners (Hispanics, Asians, etc.) and even blacks are being replaced in Hollywood. They have served their purpose so they get thrown on the trash heap. How does that feel? That is what whites feel. We are personas non grata. That is a term that nations use to mean “we don’t want you, so we will throw you out of our country.”

The issue here is very important. A lot of people are seeing what is happening, and they don’t accept it, they don’t approve of it against themselves, nor against other people. (These people are trashed as racist, but they are actually the only ones in the room who are non-racists.)

The Unrelentingly Force of Financial Gains

But while these woke company heads are using these huge companies for their political weapons, they need to do a reality check like Nike in the link above. In the end, they do what they do not with their own money, but with their investors money. Like it or not, not all woke people who want to invest will invest in Nike. Much less will they be attracted if Nike is having a fire-sale, and this is a precursor to bankruptcy.

When you handle other people’s money, they take it very poorly when you lose their money simply because you want to do that. This bad business practice will come back to haunt them in the future. They will lose what they have as a place to work, and they will not be welcomed in other companies.

Wokeness is never clearly defined, and it is a tool or weapon to attack people you want to do harm to them. So you are never fully “woke” enough for some people. This is a standard or norm that nobody who is in their right mind wants to be pinned to. Unfortunately, many of yesterdays pot-heads that use drugs think this is okay. They will find out sooner or later.

The investors of these woke companies are the ones who will eventually break wokeness as a common trait of companies of our day. Even somebody that owns their own company, and they want to make it woke has to survive financially. When the amount of sales cannot pay the costs, even they will break down. Rich people do not really want to invest in a company that makes a political statement, but that company cannot survive economically on its own. The only people who do this are politicians, and they notably don’t risk their own money, but other people’s money when they do this.

Nasty Non-Consumerism for Liberal Companies

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