Why big companies are woke

Why big companies are woke

Why big companies are woke explains why big companies are getting on the climate change disaster bandwagon and going woke.

Who are the leaders in this “going woke” trend?

There are many so let me take an example of one, Coca-Cola. After they have become the number one seller of soft drinks in the world, they now are woke. Studies, real medical studies, have come out pointing out that obesity in America is killing our people. Diabetes is a tremendous sickness among so much of our population. So where does this problem come from. Eating and DRINKING too much sugar. A soft drink (pick any of Cokes products) has a lot of sugar in it. Even the diet sodas are producing an effect in the body that tricks the body into thinking it is getting calories when it is not, and that is a danger for the person. He or she gets very hungry after drinking a diet product.

So what is Coca-cola to do? Just stopping producing and selling their products? Go to all diet line ups? No. They want to distract the general population from their money making greed stepping on the health of the people and point the world to something else “bigger” like social injustice or climate change.

This distraction is in their minds a solution without affecting their selling of their harmful products. If the FDA were really concerned about the damage that these products are causing to the general population’s health, then they would restrict their sell. But when we look at what happened with prohibition and alcohol, that is not going to happen here with soft drinks.

Who are your clients?

There is a burning problem with modern companies going woke. That problem is who are their users, their consumers, to whom are they serving with their services or products? The simple truth is that if you look at their products and their efforts and energies, you will see the answer to that question.

But deeper into the matter, you ask yourself, Why did they go woke? The answer is that they have factors that move them and “pull their strings”, and these people and things are things that ultimately they have to bow down to and serve. “Wokeness” is a public sense of morality of some kind. The only problem is, it is not morality as conceived in the Bible, in religion, but a contrived morality that is not fixed in doctrine, in religious doctrine.

CRT Critical Race Theory

Instead of morality like the Bible presents it, there is a Supreme Good Being, and a powerful evil being (Satan), and our acts fall into the category of sins or justice for the most part, they define things differently, outside of the limits and boundaries of how the Bible describes them.

It is indeed curious that the Bible never outright condemns slavery, but combines the concepts of serving (being employed by someone else) with slavery, one person owning the other and getting benefit from their labors. Of course, every slave owner had responsibilities of food and lodging for their slaves. But the Bible considers both soldiers and employees and slaves to work and live up to their responsibilities.

God is the Judge

God is the Judge, and He will replace what abuses others do to a person, and He will judge and chastise those who abuse. But in reality, slavery is still here among us and very strongly. While Democrats toot CRT as the burning issue of our day, supposed wanted to free those under slavery, (but legally, there are no slaves in America today). But I ask you honestly, over the past 100 years, have not the Democrats been the party to bring blacks and Hispanics under the slavery of free government handouts? While they paint themselves as the liberators of social injustice, where is all that freedom that they put out in their propaganda? Actually, where is it? Democrat run cities and states have blacks enslaved in a system of poverty, persecution of black males, especially fathers, and tricking young black women into having as many babies as they can in order to get government help, and at the same time, eliminating black babies through free and greatly encouraged abortion efforts. The most heavily promoted Planned Parenthood offices are in these black neighborhoods.

Freedom is…

Freedom as it should be considered is very simply like the Bible paints it. God commanded Adam and Eve to work, and from the fruits of their labors, they lived. Even though Democrat promotion of blacks in the workplace has been excessive, they have promoted them without basis. So if a black man learns and is good at some job, and then gets promoted because he is the best educated, he is honest. But to put somebody who is incapable of doing the job well in as supervisor, then this makes a disaster. This is not honest. It is not honest to the rest of the people who are passed over for that job. Women are chosen over men, blacks are chosen instead of people of other races. It is not fair to them. But most of all, it inflates the mind and ego of those black people. They know they cannot stand up in that position, and they think they are something that they are not.

So, if we want freedom from discrimination on the basis of race or gender, then there are some elements that need to be very strongly in that freedom. First of all, we do not want blacks to become culturally “white people”. We don’t want white people to become blacks. We don’t want women to become men, nor men to become women, and we don’t accept other genders other than the two that God has created, male and female. The X and Y chromosomes determine which gender a person is at conception, and that is final. The distinctions have to be maintained. So the entire gender issues are perversions that destroy what is a woman, and what is a man. Is it fair and just that a man put on a dress and compete in sports in women’s sports? They are not equal, and men in general are stronger than women. They are not “better”; they are just different. Those differences are the same that make life rich.

Secondly, fairness and justice is not OUR promotion of one group over another, but rather like the Constitution of the United States declares, God has made all men equal (in his sight), and we should respect that. Exactly what are Democrats doing when they declare all who do not submit to their agenda as “deplorables”? This violates the principle of equality. They are disrespecting the equality of all men (and women).

So when companies go down this path, there are reasons that they do so.

The Buttons that Control Companies

These strings that people pull to manipulate companies or push their buttons to get them to do things are real, and the companies usually (or at least before wokism) they recognized them. Market research has always been very important to big companies. Then something happened.

First of all, are the consumers. Why would Coca-Cola alienate probably half of their consumers in saying that they are against white males? I mean, white women are also included in this also. Very simply put, companies that sell products or services should never needlessly alienate their users. That would be common sense. They can “get away
with doing this, but eventually, a large part of those white males and females will stop purchasing Coke products. When that happens, the company has to survive on a percentage of what they had before, and the margins are just too delicate to even attempt that. But here they go down the merry path of stupidity. Will Coca-Cola go bankrupt? Probably not, but they will suffer great loss until the owners (stock holders) come out in force and demand an accounting from the leadership of the company of why their stock is taking a nose dive. Why? When and where did the stockholders approve this? And the investors will then get mad and do the same thing as the consumers, dump Coca Cola stock. This is how the real world works. Without a doubt, if the Democrats control the purse strings of government when this happens, the US government might bail out Coca Cola. But this in itself is slavery to the government at that point. Again we consider, who is promoting slavery in our day?

Real Slavery in America Today

Before, I said that there is no legal slavery in the US today. But consider this, because of the Democrat control and manipulation of the immigration laws, they are allowing and even promoting people not US citizens coming to the US illegally. There has always been a legal way for them to enter, and the Democrats have not been promoting that. They want these people illegally in the US. One of the principles here is that we open our borders to those who add to our country as a whole, and block those that harm, hurt, or detract from it. In the legal immigration process, there is a long list of things you have to swear that you are not in order to get any kind of legal papers. We discriminate (like every other country in the world).

What kind of people are those that we don’t want? First of all, criminals, prostitutes, drug dealers, Communists, Socialists, and all other that would seek to destroy and tear down our system of government. If you think that is not fair, then think again. It is exactly fair. Anybody that seeks to circumvent these norms is against the principle of America. Democrats are against that principle.

But in order for a foreigner to actually get into our country, the going rate is $10,000 to a coyote (term meaning somebody who runs a person across the border illegally). These people “take credit” by the way. What? Yes. Very few of these illegals have $10,000. That amount was before 2020, and now it is higher. So the people who do this are drug lords. They have a network in these countries and the person “gets credit” with his family members contact information. When they cross into the US, the illegal “disappears.” No problem for the drug lord.  He has your mother’s address, your uncles and aunts, your wife and children. You have to return so much money per month on that payment they gave you credit for, and if you don’t pay what they want, then they visit you wife, children and parents. These people own houses usually, and they cannot “disappear”. If they do that, then the drug lords murder the entire family as punishment. So this is the worst kind of slavery, like what we always hear happened in the old South with the plantation owners. But the Democrats could give freedom of citizenship to these foreigners if they wanted to, but that doesn’t happen. Why?

Illegal Immigration is about keeping illegals voting Democrat

This is the entire key in a nutshell. As long as the illegals are not citizens, they have to vote for whom is buttering their bread. This was the same issue with the blacks. Under Trump, blacks began to rebel against this and voted Republican. Now the Hispanics are also voting Republican. The Democrats are going crazy with this. If they give the vote to non-citizens, they have to vote Democrat. If they vote in large blocks for the Democrats, then they are fried.

The System is to keep people enslaved

So how does wokeism in companies work into this scheme of things? Very simply, there are governmental and societal forces that enforce the woke ideas. Joe Biden commenting to a black radio host, “if you don’t vote Democrat, you are not black” reveals their mindset. They are forcing these groups of people to vote Democrat and keep them in power. Is that freedom? No it is not.

So for the present, these woke companies are going to have their merry way. But eventually market forces will bear down upon them and crush them. These market forces of capitalism is what the Republicans endorse. China thinks it has a free market system, but as the Communist government breaks their own system, the people are learning otherwise. Investors are seeking a bail out of their investments in China. That is because China just seizes their profits and capital, “for the good of the people.” This is exactly what Biden and the Democrat Congress want to do with America’s retirement savings. They will be eventually crushed also.

What was the problem under Obama with investors? They moved their money out of the US because of taxes and the difficulty Obama laid on businesses to just function and make a profit. Trump came into office promising to give regulatory relief, and before even being sworn in, the markets reacted positively. With Biden they are again fleeing their capital to foreign sources.

These market forces will just rule. There is no way for them not to rule under a Democracy, under Capitalism. Woke companies are literally betting their companies on staying on the good side of the new dictators in town.

Coca-Cola: Sugary drinks destroys people’s health

In the end analysis, companies have to look forward, understand and project into the future, and part of that is to actually serve their consumer base and not harm them. Coca-Cola has a company paradigm of selling sugary drinks to people. Health-wise, this is extremely dangerous to their consumers. The more successful Coke is in selling their products, the worse it curse and chastises their consumers. Diabetes is wild in the US now. Sugary drinks is a prime culprit.

So Coke made Diet Coke. But for all the efforts at Diet Coke appealing to consumers, there are only a fraction of them that actually choose it. Diet Coke has its own problems, namely that Coke is not a natural food, but just a bunch of chemicals that “taste good.” The entire industry has an underlying problem that is soft drinks are unhealthy.

Coke’s Tactics to Deal with their Unhealthy Products

So instead of trying to “fix” this with say natural products that don’t harm the consumer’s health, Coke is simply using a distracting plan to focus attention on other things other than the lack of their products being healthy. This is how all of this “fits in.” Once you understand this, Coke has given up on fixing it’s product, and is now selling Wokeness as a product. Buy Coke products because they are woke. Nothing healthy about Coke is what they are conceding.

Global Warming and Wokeness

Global Warming concerns are another one of these manifestations of the end-of-world and woke companies fixing it.

Scientists see no evidence for global warming. And in fact, when temperatures are lower than normal, that is spun also as global warming. Huh? Things are just not what common sense would tell you that they are.

Somehow Carbon Dioxide is our enemy. But any school kid who took chemistry (before wokeness) will tell you that there is a cycle of life that you cannot break without doing serious harm to everybody and everything. That cycle of life is that animals and humans are “complimentary” to plants. Humans and animals produce CO2 in just living. But plants take in CO2, break the compound, and use the Carbon and water to make their cells and grow (which some plants sustain animals and humans) and liberate that oxygen. That is good for humans and animals, because without that liberated oxygen, they would die.

So the planet is self-regulating, in that, when this CO2, the green house gases, grow, it creates a hot house effect for a period of time until the swing of the pendulum goes the other way. A hot house effect makes plants to grow very abundantly. It also absorbs this extra CO2, eventually balancing out.

So, leaving this system ALONE, without trying to meddle with it, it balances itself out. Some years there is a lot of warming. Other years there is a lot of cooling. If the past is any indication of anything, it should tell us that as wise as men become, man cannot predict future weather.

Articles on Global Warming

Why are companies championing Global Warming

Again, there are dictators here that are wanting to enslave people. The plan is a global charge or tax for Carbon use. Everybody has to pay for the carbon dioxide that they and their toys have caused. First, why? Is the government some moral body that can charge people for existing? That is what this is. Secondly, they want to heavily burden advances countries and give that money to the poorer countries. This overlooks the simple fact that natural gas is the cleanness power source apart from nuclear. A wood fire in Africa to heat food is the worse polluter around. It also causes cancer in the persons breathing that smoke all their lives. So the cleanest energy use is denounced, and the worse polluters are advanced. California has made a law barring all new homes and apartments from using natural gas. Why? This fits their thinking which is just twisted anyway.

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Why big companies are woke

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