Biden turns into a Dictator

Biden turns into a Dictator

Biden turns into a Dictator is a commentary on an article about how Biden´s thinking is one of a dictator.

This commentary is in reference to a post on the I highly suggest that you read this article first.

Biden’s Not So Subtle Lurch Toward Dictatorship

The article points out how Biden’s comments and view towards Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter is not to the liking of those on the left, and that translates into the United States Federal Government placing Twitter and Musk “under observation.” The simple point here is that if you and your actions and words do not go along with the Democrat liberal government line, then those in power at present have every right (in their minds but not with the Constitution) to pressure and oppose you in any way that they can find possible. That includes making up rules, laws, and using existing government agencies to abuse individuals not in line with their thinking.

President Joe Biden was asked during a rare press conference—in reference to Twitter’s new owner—whether he thought Elon Musk was a threat to national security. With a pause and a smirk, the president said that topic was “worthy of being looked at.

As the article points out, what Musk did was in broad daylight and open to everyone to observe. When this happened, individuals in Biden’s cabinet saw nothing wrong with Musk’s actions. But Biden wants to find something with which he can oppose Musk’s making Twitter “LIKE WHAT IT WAS, A FREE SPEECH OUTLET”.

My question is “Is there no longer a constitutional right to free speech in America?”. I mean all liberals, all sexual perverts, all weirdos have excessive rights to free speech. When Black Lives Matters wants to make a statement like in Oregon, the damage piles up to billions of dollars, but nobody can touch that “free speech”. But if somebody makes a public statement that they are not gay, and they don’t like that lifestyle, then “to the gallows with them!”

Yet come January, AGAIN we will swear in dozens of new lawmakers each one swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States, but returning to their homes, they forget this forever. Why do we allow public servants to dictate to us, and go against their swearing in oath to defend the Constitution?

With his shameful comment on Musk and Twitter, Biden made it clear that the rules apply as he sees fit, to whom he sees fit. There can be no prosperity in a country where your right to the fruits of your labor is not sacrosanct, and where the law is applied unevenly to favor those connected to the regime.

Isn’t that at the heart of the Constitution? It is proclaiming that God has set certain principles in play in the entire world, and America recognizes those principles. A singularly important one is the right to work and enjoy the fruit of your labors without others unduly taking away from them. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is a God given right, and our Constitution recognizes that.

This issue has little to do with “just Elon Musk” and a lot to do with every American as this is the working plan of all Democrats in our government right now. They want you to work hard so that they can take your hard earned money and give it away in campaigns to put more of them in power and keep those in the Democrat party in power.

Biden turns into a Dictator

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