Queen Pelosi has replaced our Constitution

Queen Pelosi has replaced our Constitution

Queen Pelosi has replaced our Constitution is an opinion piece explaining where the Congress is now directed by Pelosi, not its own laws and the Constitution of the United States.

It does not take much watching of Nancy Pelosi to see that she has disdain of the Constitution which she swore to uphold except when she can somehow twist things to make other people disobeying the Constitution, then she uses the loyalty to the Constitution against them.

Nancy’s understanding of the House of Representatives in our Government

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday declared that Congress is a “superior branch” of government, as the clash between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over closely held documents intensifies.

Uh… what!? What does Pelosi even mean when she says Congress is a “superior branch” of the government?

She’s basically trying to change the Constitution – and so fundamentally, she’s tearing it up in broad daylight for all of America to see.

Pelosi boasts that Congress has the power to “make the law” and Trump can only enforce it.

Uh, no, Mrs. Speaker. It scares me to death that you forgot your high school civics.

Congress and the White House (legislative and executive branches) are co-equal branches of government. They provide checks and balances to each other, along with the Supreme Court, but none of them are “superior.”

And when the leader of the House and person 3rd in line to the presidency starts talking like a monarch (or dictator)…

You should be worried. I am. — gopdailybrief.com

So if a Congressman doesn’t understand that there are three equal branches of government that have checks and balances between them, then this will lead to there being imbalances in government. When that congressman is the speaker of the House, that makes things worse. Nancy should be “taken to the woodshed and given a good paddling” for her work. Actually the House rules person should sit her down and make her understand and stop her foolishness, or he should bring her actions before the whole house and remove her from Congress. Fat chance that will happen.

Mr. President, you need to prove your innocence.WashingtonTimes.com

Can you say Fifth Amendment?

Nancy wants to prohibit Presidents from pardoning certain people

Yea. Give this thing 10 years and the Democrats will flip on this one big time when one of their presidents are trying to pardon people who helped him (like Joe Biden pardoning those who cheated to help him get in office).

Nancy and her caucus want to remove Republican Congressmen for supporting President Trump

While there is a law removing Congressmen after the Civil War for seditious activity, this cannot be applied today to the Republicans. They are not against the Constitution, they are against the Democrats. There is a big difference.


Overview of Nancy Pelosi

  • Nancy considers her House of Representatives (Congress) as being the superior branch of government over the Executive branch (President) and the Supreme Court. See Queen Nancy post.
  • Nancy also misunderstands the Fifth Amendment. A person is innocent until proven guilty. See Queen Nancy post.
  • Nancy, as speaker, makes the rules of the House of Representatives. Her rule making is truly anti-American. Because of the excuse of Covid, she changed the rules from voting in person to proxy voting in Congress which is illegal so that 10 Democratic representatives will be represented by 1 Democrat Representative, voting this one for the 10 and himself. Only about 20 Democrats total will be in attendance total. People who are not present cannot vote. That is what is followed in Congress. So anything that is put up to vote, the Republicans should win with there votes. What kind of understand of Democracy does she have anyway? The Constitution sets out (Article 1 Section 5) that there must be a Quorum, or a certain number (216) of members present before they can convene and conduct business. How can she set aside the Constitution to make things conform to her "alternative reality"? All those who loaned their votes to others need to be removed from Congress, as well as Nancy for scheming this atrocity. See Conservative-Daily.com
  • Nancy schemed withholding sending the articles of Impeachment to the Senate until January to get political traction from it. These were the first days of Covid, and looking in hind sight, Nancy Pelosi should be called out and punished because of this breech of Constitutional rules. Her scheming caused "government" and Trump to be distracted when Covid is beginning. Far from blaming President Trump for mishandling the Covid emergency, she should be blamed and thrown out of government for it. Her place should be given to a Republican. -- DailyCaller.com
  • The above observation brings up another issue with Nancy Pelosi. She has no concept of the equal treatment under the law. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. When Bill Clinton was being blasted by prosecutors over Monica Lewinsky, rules where imposed by both sides so that things would not degenerate into a circus. Pelosi is now the head ringmaster of this circus we call our government. -- DailyCaller.com
  • Nancy is considering barring 126 Republican Representatives from returning to 2021 Congress. If there was no election fraud, why are the Democrats so scared of any investigations? It is because they well know what happened and if it becomes public knowledge, that will cause them a lot of problems. -- Domigood.com
  • Nancy wants to control who the President can pardon. Does she not know the Constitution? Does she think she is Queen Nancy and she can change how the Constitution commands us to do things? -- redState.com
  • Nancy was proud of Obama because he didn't pass his cabinet choices through the Senate as the Constitution directs. -- Townhall.com
  • On using religious tests to ban government employees, Nancy said she will not get into that question. Undoubtedly, that is because her beliefs and practices would directly go against the Constitution. -- cnsnews.com
  • Nancy doesn't see Supreme Court Justice Amy Cory Barrett as a legitimate justice. -- americanthinker.com
  • Pelosi is a Roman Catholic, and she holds firmly to Saint Francisco.
  • One of the marks of a person suffering from delusion is when they cannot deal with the normal world around them, and part of that is to make enemies out of ordinary people that are not really their enemies. Note that Nancy is well into this state of delusion equally others in the Democratic party. Contrary to Trump and the Republicans looking for blood from others, it was the Democrats led by Pelosi that could not stop attacking Trump.
  • On the same note, a deluded person is one who rewrites the reality around them. This is also very obvious in the Democratic rhetoric.
  • Another thing that I think Pelosi and the Democrats are severely over using is to throw accusations to your enemies that they are doing something so that they cannot accuse you (who is actually doing it). You can read the Democrat game plan like a book if you just look at what they are accusing Trump and the Republicans of doing.
  • The Speaker of the House will not become the President if the election is not decided by January 20th. -- IndependentSentinel.com

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