Analysis of Kamala Harris Problems

Analysis of Kamala Harris Problems

Analysis of Kamala Harris Problems is a summary of some of Kamala Harris’ personality and positional problems as Vice President.

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To hear some people’s analysis of Kamala Harris you would think she is the pinnacle of perfection of America. She is not. She is a typical Democrat.

The article I cited above is very interesting in that it brings out points that would reveal Kamala’s hypocrisy. I would like to repeat those points and comment on some of them.

1. Kamala Harris is the leader of all Democrat leaders in not representing all Americans.

She explicitly states that she is not going to represent those she differs with, i.e. conservatives, Republicans. This is epic. The Democrat Party has openly stated that they do not represent all Americans. Wow! You can do that? I understand that all politicians have to swear to uphold the Constitution. Since when does the Constitution separate Republicans from Democrats as far as rights, privileges, etc.? It doesn’t. What is in the Constitution is that the rights that God has granted to ALL PEOPLE and are recognized in the Constitution as the foundation of our country and that it is an equality of all men.

Remember all that hype that Democrats give us constantly about how they are the only people who recognize and support, even champion the blacks that were slaves? Well, according to the Constitution, white people have those same rights. But Democrats are ignoring that white people should be treated equally with “persons of color,” and they are now on a game plan of discriminating and hurting white people. In speaking of hurricane Ian and federal government relief monies, Kamala wanted us to understand this, that the money will be preferentially given out first and most to “communities of color”, and if she would have her way, nothing given to the rich nor to the white communities who pay more into the federal treasury than these poor communities of color. This is their play book now! My question or observation to this is, if this is how we “play the game” can I as a white man not pay my taxes because I don’t agree with their playbook? The Democrats have already given us their answer. 87,000 MORE IRS tax agents, who will be armed, to get people who don’t pay in for the Democrat give-away-to-buy-votes party.

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2. She is racist against white people.

So according to the article, she supports the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which specifically gives bail money to BLACK criminals to get them back on the street as fast as possible. This is amazing. She assumes that all or most black people are going to need help with bail money? Isn’t that racist in itself? Yes.

“trash our criminal justice system, as a system that was “designed to maintain and uphold white supremacy.”

So this is written all over her speeches and statements (if you can make heads or tails out of her word salads). She is racist against whites. See this is the problem all the way back to the 1960s with racism. The opposite of racism against blacks is not promoting and giving preference to blacks over whites, but an equality. Let everybody compete equally in the work environment, and if you produce, then you advance, and if you are ignorant or lazy, you don’t advance. There should be no favoritism just because. The Democrat party does not want equality, but equity. What is the difference? Equality is in the Constitution, and basically it is this principle. The government should guarantee equal footing for everybody. Nobody is given preferential treatment because of their skin color, nor are they automatically rejected because of their skin color. By the way, this equality is extended to no racism against a political party or belief. So all Democrats that are racist against Republicans are not faithful to their vow to uphold the Constitution.

The Democrats understand this differently. The point for them is that if a black person is ignorant and lazy, just naturally not as smart as white people, and these white people are millionaires because of their intense training, activity and energies to get ahead, then the federal government needs to take a million dollars of taxpayer donations into the treasury to give that to them. These are people who are just wanting to get the benefits without they themselves doing the work. So they get a free ride. I note that not all black people are ignorant or lazy. This is a common trait among all people, of any race or color. But lazy white people should have a hard time of life just like any other people. That is my point.

But look at the black people in business who are millionaires because of their studying and intense activity, and not by getting a free ride. These black people end up conservatives and Republicans many times, and they denounce the lazy black people, saying that they deserve nothing because they are lazy!

3. Kamala’s own father says she’s a liar and fraud.

I don’t want to get into a he said, she said thing here, but even in her own family, she has her detractors. I would understand that Mr. Harris is coming from the position of a “successful” black man who does not want a handout. One interesting thing that Mr. Harris has said is that Kamala is a hypocrite because as a D.A., she prosecuted people who broke the law on marijuana use, while at the same time she admitted that she was secretly using the same stuff. Being her father, he would probably know what his daughter’s personal life was back then.

A Democrat that is a hypocrite is nothing new in our day. They all tend towards that in my opinion.

4. She doesn’t care about sexually abused women.

As you can see, these points dovetail one into another and repeat themselves. She is thoroughly what she is.

But Democrats “have all women in their pocket” meaning that all women will always vote for any Democrat anywhere anyhow. That is what Democrats believe and preach. But the reality here is that the Democrats are hypocrites, and they only make a feigned attempt at defending abused women. In reality, Democrat men are personally abusing women, and all Democrats know that and shelter these men within their own group. No group can be responsible for the bad acts of individuals in their groups, but as a group, the group becomes complicit when they cover for these bad actors. Take the Catholic Church and the sexual errors of their priests. The group becomes complicit when they cover and facilitate the bad actors. There are many most famous women-abusing men which are Democrats. Bill Clinton is one. But Bill Clinton had his Lolita Express airplane where he took men aboard and supplied the women for abuse, many of them underage. Because they went out of US airspace, it was “legal”. It was not legal, it was just out of US jurisdiction.

5. She isn’t even black.

Interesting that Kamala Harris can use a racial distinction that she doesn’t even technically have just in order to get votes and “identify” with black people. Sounds like Elizabeth Warren being an native American doesn’t it? This is how they work things. They “bend the truth”. When their hand is called, they are not really that, they are just “playing politics.” So that makes it alright. (Except if a Republican does it and then it is a scandal.)

The kicker in this article is that Kamala Harris is of Jamaican descent and her ancestors were SLAVE OWNERS. (See point 8 below). Since she is pushing reparations for blacks, shouldn’t she “show us the way” by giving away her millions of dollars of personal gains in her political career to “some black people somewhere”? That will not happen. She uses black people: she doesn’t really support them. Democrats have their hands in the “cookie jar” of the federal treasury, so as long as the American taxpayer pays reparations, they are good with it (but Republicans or all cannot dispense these reparations, only Democrats can actually dispense that money. Heavens knows that it will be the end of world if some Republican black person gets a reparation!), but if it ever comes down to they themselves giving up tens or hundreds of millions of their own money, no way Jose.

(Hey, isn’t it rather racist to call someone a black person just to further your political agenda?)” the article above cited

6. She has been throwing black people into jail since the 1980s.

You see, there are unscrupulous people that are in politics (and yes, I admit that there are Republicans like this and they need to be removed from public office just like Kamala), and they just use the system for their own enrichment. When it was convenient for Kamala, she persecutes black people using the police and courts. Now she is “the champion of black people.” Has she ever admitted publicly that in her years as District Attorney she was doing wrong to black people? No. To gain points with people in California, she bragged about how many convictions her office was accomplishing, while many of them or most of them were against black people.

Is it any wonder why Kamala, being black supposedly, does not have a large black following? Black people are not stupid. They understand very well that they are being used. Planned Parenthood defends the black people, but they also target black mothers for abortions. That is a racist purge of black people. That does not easily go unobserved by black people. Recently a black man (I forget who exactly) said that he was very upset because in New York City, there are more black babies aborted than born. Yea. This is not a help to black people. It is in the same vein as how a Hitler type eliminated the Jews.

7. Harris has an unbelievable stance on live born babies after an abortion.

Abortion is just murder. There is no way around that. When you abort a 4 week old baby, it is not formed enough to live outside the womb. When it is removed, it is hard to believe that it is a person. It still is. Kamala is good with abortion all the way up to birth. But pulling a baby out of the womb by force sometimes leaves the baby alive. She (and the position of many or most Democrat politicians) is good with killing the baby once live born. But Democrats are just for killing innocent people. They push suicide and euthanasia, the murder of innocent people just because they have some defect or are no longer useful in the Democrat’s mind. This is exactly what Hitler did, and it is the heart of his Arian race white supremacy.  It is and was a point “in their playbook.”

So the typical Democrat playbook is whatever the Democrats are doing, decry very loudly the Republicans as having done it, so they cannot accuse the Democrats when they are doing it. But this is a childish way of fighting. To oppose abortion is a grave criminal error to the Democrats. They accuse Republicans of a crime against women. But wait a minute! Isn’t the entire system of laws in the United States founded on you are responsible for your actions? If you drink and run over your neighbors mailbox destroying it, you are responsible to fix it or pay him? So is there any difference in a woman who has sex “with just anybody” and ends up pregnant? Isn’t she responsible for this action? If a baby is produced by her illicit sex life, she should have to “own up” to the consequences of that action. Her partner is also “on the hook” in this matter. An abortion is simply quick and easy way to cover it up. Why? Would your neighbor accept a shoe box on the ground instead of a mailbox proper? No. The law should defend the poor, the one unable to defend themselves. This is exactly an unborn baby.

Remember the Democrat attacks against Trump in North Carolina, when they said he is white supremacist? It is amazing that the Klu Klux Klan was born by Democrats in the old south, and they are now accusing the Republicans of being white supremacists. In Congress voting to free the slaves, giving women the vote in giving the blacks the vote, almost all Democrats voted against these things. I think in one of those cases, one single Democrat Senator voted with Republicans. But these initiatives were all driven into law in the United States by Republicans, not Democrats. The Democrats opposed and fought against these initiatives. So their hypocrisy is just beyond belief. The fact that this has not been made a great public shame on the Democrat party is to credit Republicans that “a good and just thing” was decided by the majority and that is the point. The system worked. Some were against it, some opposed it according to their own reasoning, but justice prevailed in the end. But to take credit for it, and to accuse the opposite group which fought for this justice, that is just wrong.

Thus we come to another point in the Democrat “playbook.” They rewrite history so as to put them in the hero light, and their opposition in the devil light.

8. Kamala descended from Jamaican slave owners.

Again we see repeats of the same point. Kamala is not for the black slaves, she came from a heritage of owning and abusing black slaves.

Harris’ father, Donald, a Stanford professor, wrote an article in a Jamaican magazine several years ago, claiming, in fact sort of boasting, that he was descended from one of the largest slave owners in Jamaica, a fellow named Hamilton Brown.” from the article

9. Harris is lacking in the morality department.

Well, after you review the other points, this point is just obvious.

“But it appears that Harris slept her way to top, getting her start in politics by having an affair in her 20’s with San Francisco’s 60-year-old mayor, Willie Brown, who was a married man at the time!!!” from the article

So this is the moral fiber of this woman. Do I need to comment?

10. She’s a cop.

This is exactly what people of this moral fiber do. They get into “the system” so that they can use that official societal authority to abuse it and make profit off of it. All cops are not crooks, but many crooks want an official “cover” for their criminal activities.

A president’s make up

Finally, Kamala Harris is one step away from the presidency. If the old and feeble man Biden has some health issue that puts him out of the presidency, or even his own staff says he is incapable of fulfilling the tasks of president, Kamala will be our next president. This is a very sad thought. The entire country will “go the way” of the president. His or her policies and morality will determine the fate of our country, and whether we help the suffering around the world or abuse all, based on the character of our president. Sad day if that ever happens.

Analysis of Kamala Harris Problems

One Last Thought

Concerning all of these Democrat politicians coming out of California, how do you rate the government process in California? I mean, do your values check mostly with what we see in California? California if considered as an independent country, California would have like the 5th biggest economy in the world. Yet they have constant blackouts, they have so many rules and regulations that people and businesses are leaving California. But the edge of what makes them decide to leave seems to be their taxes. If you drive from the South Carolina to California, you will experience the breadth of gasoline prices. From the cheapest in the nation to the most expensive. Why is California ruining their economy? Because California is totally controlled by Democrats for years and years now. They use all of those taxes to keep California Democrat. That is what you want for the entire United States?

If California has its way (think Biden dies, and Kamala becomes the next president), then gasoline vehicles will cease to exist, airplane travel will too. Interesting that all of Hollywood and the Democrats in government will continue to use airplane travel despise wanting to stop all airplane travel. They obviously are thinking that one through. 1) If the congressmen and congresswomen are the only ones on the flight, their tickets are going to be in the $100,000s of dollars. 2) If they force Congress to pay for these tickets because of the Democrat forcing the airline industry into the stone age, the normal run of the mill voter is not going to like this.

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