Biden Crisis #1 Immorality

Biden Crisis #1 Immorality

Biden Crisis #1 Immorality is an evaluation of where the Democrat party has gone wrong with Biden, starting with a foundation of immorality.

Deciding the worst

When I thought to write this post, it was truly a debate within myself as to decide  what is the first and foremost problem with Joe Biden. Looking at his presidency, there is so much to criticize. But we cannot start with Biden on day one of his presidency. We need to reach back into his competing with Donald Trump. Of course, we could reach way back to his years as a Senate to define what the man Joe Biden is, but I want to focus on his presidency more.

Immorality has been Joe Biden’s greatest crisis. This started with the Democrat party stealing the election. This was planned way before the actual months of the election. How do I know that? Because the Democrat machine did not put forth Joe Biden as a candidate but has a shoe in. Biden did not want to debate Donald Trump. This was a tremendous miscalculation by the Democrats. Why?

A presidential campaign serves many purposes and the Democrat machine side stepped these processes. First of all, the speeches and the campaigning among different states gives the people of America the chance to hear the candidate. This is called the vetting process. This is essential not just for those fence sitters to decide which side to go for, it is essential for people of the candidate’s own party to know what he wants to do, how he will do it, and what will be his first and greatest priorities.

The Democrat party hurt three groups of people by not exposing Joe Biden. Let me stop here and just explain a point I see. Being president in our modern world is extremely difficult. Very simply, very little works to correct what is wrong in our world. There are some points that work well, and Donald Trump hit on them in his presidency rather frequently, but for the Republican Rhinos, the Democrats, and the liberals, etc. they cannot come upon these points of policy that truly fix the problems without giving up their foundations beliefs (which they will not do easily or at all).

#1 The Republican Opponents

Well, you say. In the tit for tat game that the politicians play, the Democrats didn’t do anything wrong in not giving the Republicans a clear picture of who Joe Biden is. Nay, it doesn’t work that way. A politician is a crook at heart, and that applies across the board for almost all politicians. A crooked Republican reads a crooked Democrat and knows him from his heart outward because they are the same.

So the Republicans didn’t need to “know” Joe Biden, they see his long political career, and they don’t need to know any more to oppose him. But what has happened is that Biden lied and hid himself from everybody, and the Republicans are using that very effectively to produce a great and deep mistrust in the Democrat party. So they didn’t “hurt” the Republicans by their operations, they just gave them so much free political ammunition to use against the Democrats and Biden. This hurts the Democrat cause. and it helps greatly the Republican cause.

#2 The non-decided

The vetting process is essential. No politician knows everything that he will face, and most don’t even conceive of the real challenges of the office they seek. So they “put out” where they stand, what they are, and where they want to take the people they represent. All of this is before entering the office.

The die-hard Democrats vote the Democrat ticket. The die-hard Republicans vote against the Democrat ticket no matter what kind of Republican may be challenging them. But the on the fence people use the vetting process to decide if they want to endorse one or the other candidate. This didn’t happen.

The Democrat machine had the vote in the bag and sewed up, so they didn’t want to expose Joe Biden any more than they had to do so. While there is no mama or daddy to punish bad players here in the politics of our country, there is still push back. Now even die-hard Democrats are turning against Joe Biden. Why?

There are a lot of reasons. Probably the greatest is the obvious point that Joe is not succeeding at governing. The polls indicate that many or even most Democrat voters are disliking what they got. They wanted an alternative to Republican Donald Trump. But they didn’t really want a Joe Biden. They wanted somebody from their own party to be president and at least make a fake success they could claim. But unfortunately for the Democrats, immorality has taken a firm foothold in their own party, and now they cannot trust even their own people.

Let me ask you to think, to think in a non-partisan way for a minute. If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shummer would have presented Biden as a president to destroy a successful energy policy and practice in the US, how much support would they have gotten from their own people? If they would have stated clearly, the first day of office, Joe is going to put a massive amount of Democrat union voters in the energy sector out of work? Yea, learn how to program instead of doing what you have trained and practiced your whole life. How would that have gone over?

While the Democrat party was leaning toward Green Energy very heavily, there are a lot of invested Democrat interests in coal, natural gas, and oil. The states that are heavily Democrat have an invested interest in not going down that road at all, or at least going down it slowly. Boom! Day one kills the oil pipeline and restricts new exploration of energy resources. Don’t you think all those Democrat politicians that are currently trying to keep mutiny down in their own Democrat voters because they are unemployed over this? Any the Greenies in the Democrat party are gloating over their victories. But they are rubbing people the wrong way, but not just their opponents. Their own voters are going to give them payback in the future elections.

#3 The Loyal Democrats

So we come to what the Democrats did to hurt their own party. The vetting of a presidential candidate is a time when people analyze what the policies of that candidate are. In the case of Joe Biden, what were his declared policies? Besides not saying mostly, he didn’t give a whole lot of information about his thinking and his owning completely the most radical and extreme positions in his party. If he would have stated that, then maybe even the Democrats would not have voted for him.

I think if the common Democrat voter would have had a good clue as to where Joe was taken us, they would have pushed back against their own party leaders, and 2020 would not have happened as it did.

But beyond a flat out disagreement with those positions, many Democrats (and Republicans) are clueless to policy so they just repeat the party line. What was the party line 1 day before the election, in the term between the election and the swearing in, and 1 day after being president? What was the transition? How did their own people get advised as to what they should be holding to as far as policy?

The Democrat party went into shock the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency. Everybody was silent except Pelosi and Shummer. The few shills that always beat the drum for whatever they put out were talking, but the party in general seemed to be as much in shock at the events of 2021 as the rest of the nation.

Immorality is the problem

The simple point here is that a moral person will tell people what they believe, and then they will try their best to live it, and if unforeseen events force them into a different position, they will explain that and apologize for their switch. Joe didn’t do any of that.

It is as if the candidate Joe Biden was another personality from the president Joe Biden. He is not. So since he has no excuse for such an abrupt change in policies, he is just a liar doing and saying whatever he wants to do and say in order to get into power. Well, all politicians seem to want to lean that direction, but when a person gets burned, they tend to not volunteer so much. The Democrat party will now be financed by big business tycoons and not the run of the mill voter.

Being immoral brands you as untrustworthy, and Joe is untrustworthy. In the future, where will he go? Whichever way he discerns the wind is blowing. That is the sad part of this. But to gain support from Democrats when you are branded immoral by your own actions and mouth, that will be a sad thing to watch.

What really is going on

Unfortunately, I believe there is more to the story. Our politics are being controlled wholesale by powerful people who are neither Republican nor Democrat, and they are just using the two as pawns in their bigger game. The pendulum does swing from side to side, but something seems wrong here. Something very deeply wrong.

Where to Now?

Of course, the tit for tat means the Republicans will win next for 1 or 2 election cycles, and then the Democrats again. Sound familiar? In the mean time, money and power are being accumulated in the hands of a few. And that is something to really be watching.

Biden Crisis #1 Immorality

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