True Science against Lockdowns

True Science against Lockdowns

True Science against Lockdowns is about a scientific study of 10 million in Wuhan, that shows absolutely no asymptomatic transmissions of Covid-19.

As one doctor has declared, there is no scientific evidence that quarantine or lockdowns work to stop COVID. If we remember the beginning of all of this, the logic was not to stop COVID, but to “flatten the curve”. In order not to overwhelm our medical facilities, people were to stay at home instead of having interactions with other (possibly contaminated) people in the course of a normal work day. Okay. Maybe there is a lot of logic and wisdom in that. But just think about it a bit. The eventuality that you will be exposed to somebody with Covid is 100%. Only the time is play. Masks and other types of preventative things will not change you eventually being exposed.

The vaccine against Covid is a possible good factor. But none-the-less, as with all vaccines, they are damaged proteins of the actual virus, and if the process of preparing it doesn’t do it exactly right for millions of doses, then the vaccinated personal can actually get Covid 19 from the vaccine. There are trade offs also. People have had heart attacks shortly after getting the vaccine, and the medical personnel now are recommending getting it somewhere that has the ability to resuscitate the person if that happens. So is the risk worth it? In most cases yes. In a few cases of sick people with heart problems, no. Better for them to continue to hide.

The major point in all of this as the article below says, asymptomatic spread is not supported by evidence. People sick with fever and possible Covid 19 should be quarantined much more than normal people. Normal people probably should go about their daily lives as before.

The study of 10,000,000 the pro-COVID lobby won’t talk about

The conclusion is not that asymptomatic spread is rare or that the science is uncertain. Replace all that with: never. At least not in this study for 10,000,000.

The World Health Organization has also found as much, noting that asymptomatic spreading is extremely rare.

Now, we know the experts and political leaders know this.

Leftist political leaders from Gov. Gavin Newsom, to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to the mayors of Chicago and Austin and more have all yelled about the importance of extending lockdowns and forcing the wearing of masks, while not bothering to obey such commands themselves. They don’t believe this stuff. They just want you to.

How many of us have gone to Walmart, Costco or Target, wearing our flimsy masks, and catching nothing? We have been doing this for months, and just the law of averages would suggest we should eventually get it.

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