Trump’s Mar-a-lago classified documents

Trump's Mar-a-lago classified documents

Trump’s Mar-a-lago classified documents is a focus on Trump’s authority to classify and declassify any document he wishes. The bottom line in the entire Mar-a-lago mess is that Democrats excessively use the law against conservatives, while they give their own a pass on the same thing. If the President of the United States can declassify any document at will without telling anyone, without asking anyone, and without any process, then Trump’s documents are automatically declassified when he wants them to be. On the other hand, the vice president cannot declassify ANY DOCUMENT in any way (except asking the president to declassify it for him). So Biden’s secret documents are a very big problem while Trump’s “problem” with these documents are not in any way at the level of being a problem. EVERY president has to hold documents of his time in office by law. What he personally wants to retain (for his presidential library) versus turn over to the national archives is a matter of discussion, but not a matter of national security. Joe Biden putting secret documents that he does not have the power as vice president to declassify in a box of junk in his garage, or in a closet in an insecure building that has Chinese representatives (i.e. spies) present, and they have access to them, we are talking about apples versus oranges.

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Let me say that I have read several interpretations of what is happening with Democrats attacking Trump taking classified documents with him to his home. But the article above is very good.

The President classifies and declassifies any document on his personal view of it at the moment

While everybody else in government has to follow rules and such, the head of the executive branch does not. He is at the top, and the president classifies and declassifies document as he so wishes. The writer put it very well. At the moment that Trump took those documents from the White House to his home, they were in fact declassified.

Trump does not appeal to another authority to “allow him” to declassify anything. Being president, he is the final voice that decides what is and is not.

Trump, as President, has an obligation

What is not being recognized is that the law places an obligation for any and every president of the United States to retain, store, and protect documents for later analysis by anybody. Most of our presidents seem to want to put these things in hiding. Trump took what he thought he would need to retain. You cannot at the same time oblige him by law to keep documents and then at the same time accuse him because he does.

Another Thought

There is one thing that I do accuse president Trump of failing on. And that is the point of not discerning who is a Rino. Those who claim to be his friend and support him and are actually his enemies. I know that this is very hard to discern, but boy did the left insert so many people into his administration that were working against everything he was doing. There should be laws making it easy to fire such people. Bill Barr is no conservative. He pledged allegiance to the Constitution and by accepting to work for Trump, he should have been faithful to Trump and his proposals and policies. Barr is anything but Trump’s friend.

Yet another Thought

So it is pretty much a rule of life that politicians are cheats and scoundrels.  They are all basically criminals that work to fulfill their lust for money and power. Yet the Democrats have worked since day 1 of Trump’s public tenure to find something with which to put him in jail. The extremists have even called for his execution.

What does not surprise me is to find out all the dirty laundry about Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, etc. They fully fit this picture. What does surprise me is that with all the millions of taxpayer dollars spend by Trump’s opposition, and with the years of digging, that they still have a hard time coming up with any clear evidence of wrong doing. The best that they have is that he overvalued some properties he owned. Duh? That is wrong? He paid taxes to the IRS on them, and if they were overvalued, he is just giving away extra to the government on those properties. That is the best crime they have on him? Really. Mary Trump, somebody within the Trump family clan, also attacks Trump, but equally, her nastiness doesn’t take us anywhere near a crime that Trump committed. Compare this with Kennedy driving drunk and causing the girl in the car to drown, and Kennedy got away with murder. Trump doesn’t seem to have these kinds of skeletons in his closet. The guy desires our respect if nothing else for keeping scandal out of is presidency and personal life.

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Trump’s Mar-a-lago classified documents

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