Why True Democracy slips through our Fingers

Why True Democracy slips through our Fingers

Why True Democracy slips through our Fingers the points of national failure in maintaining our country true to its founding principles.

Defining True Democracy

To begin with, people who seek to abuse have systematic methods that they use to do so, and one of these methods is to redefine words so that they can manipulate public conversations. True Democracy is when the will of the majority of the people decide the government over them. This decision making process happens by public elections, fairly held and counted, and by public officials that are elected and execute the will of the people that put them in office, in general, the official campaigns on policy and people vote on that basis, and then the candidate now official governs according to his promises.

Here we see a lot of break downs in our present system. What policy did Joe Biden campaign on? Did he say he was going to ruin the United States economically and every other way that he could if he got into office? Surely that is what he is doing now. But he is not alone. This is only one of the most current examples of the problems of government, even Democratic government.

Note: The Donkey party has the title of Democrats but they are anything but supporting democracy. Again using terms which are totally against they natural, normal, historical usage.

But note that the United States is NOT a pure Democracy, nor was it ever intended to be one by its founders. Our founders establish a Democratic Republic. A Republic is set up upon a set of rules, principles that override all majority votes because they have to do so in order to keep democratic elections in place. So our Constitution and Bill of Rights set out principles that override every majority vote. Yes, there is a way to add to these or change these slightly but by a supervote. It is a long and involved process to call a Continental Congress and go through that, but that is why it is so difficult, because it is a super crisis issue that would need it.

But there are some minor points here.

1.) Every citizen has a single vote, unless they have forfeited that vote by committing a crime.

This has been the principle that keeps the elections being the “will of the people.” One citizen, one vote. Today, Democrats are trying to get tourists to get a vote in our country. The problem with this is that they do not understand the issues that we vote on, neither the candidates and their policies, nor do they much care. Illegals come basically for economic benefits, and they will vote along lines that are not very clearly based in their love of this country, America, but in their own country’s traditions (or their adverse reaction against their country’s traditions). Why does Biden return Cubans in open ocean trying to reach Florida, wanting asylum? These people WILL BE PERSECUTED if the US Coast Guard returns them to Havana, and yet Biden receives with open arms some aliens, and refuses others (like those from China, Venezuela, etc.). Curiously, these are Communist countries that their citizens have learned how to hate Communism and Socialism, and governmental overreach, and they tend as a group to vote Republican, and are usually VERY OUTSPOKEN at clarifying that life under Communism stinks. The Democrats want to make the United States Communist, so these aliens are personas non grata. (i.e. we don’t want you).

2.) Every citizen of the United States of America will accept and obey the laws of the land.

Yes, there are bad laws. There are laws that need to be changed or dropped off the books. But a citizen obeys even those laws until they are removed. There is nothing unpatriotic about changing the laws and making the laws good for all. But the pressing issue on all citizens, especially new citizens is that they must obey the law. We are a land of laws, and we abide by, and believe in lawful obedience.

Sedition, rebellion, and other forms of civil disobedience or just criminality are rejected conduct for good citizens. When the justice system catches beyond doubt citizens (or aliens of any kind) in unlawful conduct, they are punished by our legal system. A citizen accepts this as just and right, and he is willing to endure such punishment if convicted. But citizens reject disobeying the laws of the land.

At a governmental level, it is highly “undemocratic” for government officials and those in the justice arm of the American government to overlook and not to punish criminal acts. There is a place for mercy even in our justice system, but that mercy comes after admitting of wrongdoing, contrition, and remorse such that it will not happen again, and then a petition from the wrong doer to the judge. To just overlook the wrong doing, especially multiple times, is against our system of government. Justice for all is a principle upheld and enforced by our police and judges and prison system. It is unfair to the victims for a criminal to do something wrong that adversely affects the victim, and then be out on the street without a fair punishment being applied to them.

The principles of liberty, life, and justice for all has to be defended on a low level, or it doesn’t exist.

3.) Every new citizen asking for citizenship must accept and love America and the system the founders established.

This is so obvious that it hurts me that I have to explain it. People don’t see the obvious any more, and as my mother told me many times, common sense is no longer common. If you want a country that is not your own to accept you as one of their citizens, then you have to accept that country and their laws. You pledge an allegiance or loyalty to that country, its founding principles, and its current process to govern and maintain those founding principles.

Every new citizen has a swearing in ceremony, in which they pledge their allegiance to the United States of America. The idea is that, at their request (the incoming person’s request), the country is accepting them and giving them a legal and social place in the United States as a new citizen.

When Democrats make immigration a way of making people a member of the Democrat party, then that is wrong. Once a citizen, yes every political party would seek to persuade them into their party. But to offer bribes is illegal. To publicly offer government assistance programs and citizenship by just stepping on US soil is wrong. It is a bribe. Past congresses, wherein both Republicans and Democrats as a group have voted, have made laws that prohibit any immigrant from receiving government public assistance for some 10 years after they are made citizens. (I think it is 10 years). But California is the illegal magnet state, and at the state level they offer all kinds of assistance. This side steps that federal law. But giving illegals welfare for example, goes back on the fact that welfare is half state and half federal funded. The entire topic of government public assistance is a difficult issue. Why should some who really cannot afford it, pay taxes to support economically a growing class of people who do not force themselves to work but want to enjoy the best of life. This is bad when American born citizens do this, but it is worse when foreigners enter America en masse and have this purpose and practice. The government has to stop this with policy.

4.) Every public governmental official must also accept and love America and the system the founders established.

In the above point, every citizen, American born or foreign born, must accept and pledge allegiance to America’s founding principles and their laws. But this has also been enforced on all incoming public officials at all levels. It highly disgusts me that somebody like Bernie Sanders (an avowed Socialist) or the many Muslim members of Congress can enter office swearing on a Bible to uphold the US Constitution when they simply do not do so by their words and actions. Worse when they have a whole term of not upholding the Constitution and they are re-elected. What is going on? Does nobody even know the Constitution any more? Does nobody care that the swearing in ceremony is a big lie?

The Constitution of the United States presents a system of government which is not Communist nor Socialist. Even in the immigration papers for citizenship this is seen as barring the applicant from citizenship if they even participated in those movements in the past. They have to swear on the application that they have not been involved at all. So this is really a disaster when people swear to something, saying they will fully support the United States Constitution and they are not a Communist nor Socialist, nor have supported or followed them as a fan in the past. These people swear to one thing knowing good well that they are lying, and nobody catches them. They come in anyway.

True Democracy is a Civil Virtue

So how do we lose our true Democracy. The answer is because those who are faithful citizens do not hold with great value the principles of Democracy, nor do they defend them as they should be doing. For apathy, laziness, we all lose our country to evil people who wish to impose a dictatorship by themselves on our country.

But we need to understand exactly what is happening, and has been happening since our country’s founding. There are people who do not care for the principles of Democracy, those principles which the founding fathers held, but they enter into politics and seek out holding public office even so. These people are those who are destroying our Democracy  (see next section below).

Abusers of our Governmental System want to dictate

Those few (or many) people who enter into politics not wanting to serve the country but are wanting personal gain are the ones who destroy our country and its principles. Basically, they have one of two motives or both of them.

1) Some abusers want to become mini-dictators.

This mindset is not difficult to see or discern. Some people get a thrill from being a little “god” over other people’s lives. Even in the government, there are established rules and procedures for doing things and deciding issues. These people follow those rules sometimes, but whenever they get the desire, they act as “god.” They totally ignore those rules, procedures and principles and just do whatever they want. They get a thrill in just denying people whatever they are legitimately asking for.

2) Some abusers want to get illicit personal gain.

Other abusers enter government in order to get personal financial gain for themselves. In most all of these cases, there are rules and laws in place that prohibit these things, but either they change those laws, or they ignore them and pull strings so that the justice people who should come down on them are quiet.

A few examples here are in order. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, and she had a personal charitable organization that really did not meet the requirements, because it funneled money into the Clinton family and did little if anything else. Hillary had to see many foreign dignitaries in her work, and she kept tabs on all of those requesting meetings and favors from her, and if they donated a lot of money, then they had access, and if not, she ignored them. There are laws against that, but the justice department never investigated her much less charged her with wrong doing. Why? Obama was in office as president.

Joe Biden was vice president at the time, and Hunter Biden got a sum of 1.5 billion dollars in loans that didn’t have to be repaid. That is a gift. Hunter Biden had a joint bank account with his father. Again, flagrant disregard of the laws. The justice department never did anything. Why?

Nancy Pelosi made a tremendous amount of money purchasing stocks in companies that had legislation pending on their cases. Nancy never invested in the ones that suffered under the new laws. But she did invest in the ones that would be greatly benefited and their stock price would go up. So this is illegal under the laws, but does anyone at Justice investigate her?

What is the solution?

So what is the solution? Very simply, normal people have to get involved and demand that things are done properly. Those who break the law, no matter which party they are in, have to be investigated and if found guilty, they have to go to jail. Illegal activity must be stopped.

But today, the problem is a thousand times more difficult. Legal activity, such as free speech, must be defended. Both businesses and public companies that allow individuals to post things in their social media must be forced to defend the constitutional principle of free speech.

In times past, there were courses taught in our K-12 schools about civility, or our civil responsibilities as citizens. Those courses are way gone, and today, our schools are teaching the opposite, how to hold and be racist. Those old courses taught American history and the principles that our country was founded on. But today, our schools are teaching things to destroy loyalty to our country. That is, our public schools funded by the public’s taxes are being paid to teach things that destroy our country and its founding principles. Again the call is to action as a way of life. Get involved.

Why True Democracy slips through our Fingers

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