Democrats punishment of the Deplorables

Democrats punishment the Deplorables

Democrats punishment the Deplorables explores how the Democrats mistreat their opponents or others that stand in their way.

In a speech during her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton called all the Republicans Deplorables. This was the opening salvo in what we are seeing is a wide campaign against anybody who disagrees with the Democrat leadership, and we can now understand this to include even other Democrats as also deplorables if they do not kowtow to the Democrat leadership plans (like Manchin and Sinema).

What we note at the beginning here is very simply, the Democrats have a blood lust for power and money. Hillary (and Bill) had their faux charity going full steam during their years in politics in order to receive bribes from people “legally” and they give their favors in government. Hillary’s campaign was all about her getting the purse strings of government and feeding her covetousness, and manipulating government in the process.

Our Government is a System of Working together, all the people

Before this war on deplorables, the congress was divided between Republicans and Democrats, and depending on the winds of the election cycle, one or the other had the majority, but even having a majority, the minority was respected. There were laws and rules in Congress made that would allow a minority to still have a say and participation in the government process. It was common for the Senators and Representatives of one party to “cross the aisle” in Congress to negotiate and convince Congressmen of the other party to vote for their bills. They were given “favors and perks” in return. This tit for tat is politics, and while they speak strong words against the other party in getting elected, they work together. The American people wanted things this way apparently.

Then the Democrat party took a hard left turn. They began using election techniques (which are illegal, and prohibited by laws, but they overtook the offices of Justice and others that were to stop this). All this started with Hillary Clinton and Obama, but the entire Democrat party was behind them. Win at any price.

Executive Orders instead of Congressional Laws

According to our Constitution, a federal law in the United States is made by Congress and the President signs it into law. The Supreme Court can later reverse the law if it is illegal, or breaks the Constitutional principles. But a law begins in the House of Representatives, and all money laws begin there, and then the Senate approves it. Many laws are morphed greatly or just dropped entirely in the process. When it goes between the House and the Senate, there are committees specially to make each side happy. There are hearing days in which interested people and especially affected people can come to Washington and be heard by Congress so that they can put forth their complaints and support for the law. They can lobby for changes to the law so that it doesn’t ill affect them.

After all of this, the entire process is repeated between the Congress and the President before he signs it into law. Now-a-days, the president has his staff watching bills and putting in input to the process while it is in Congress. But the process of making a law, which is governing, is a long process in which the wisdom or foolishness of a few has a lot of input from his own party and the opposition party, and the general public.

But that is our country and it does work well this way. There are a lot of situations and sets of politicians where things go wrong, but in an election cycle, that seems to be fixed in the next election.

Then came Obama, and what he could not get done through Congress, he decided to just write executive orders. An executive order is a law that the president makes which helps clarify and detail exactly what a get law by Congress does not make explicit. For example, if Congress says that there is going to be a tax on widgets of 5%, the law passes, but the details of how that law is collected and the circumstances of taxing it are not always clear in the Congressional law. So the president writes and executive order says that all widgets incoming into the United States for sale is now taxed 5% on entry (or when sold, or whatever). So the executive orders are basically the President clarifying what the Congress has made as law. Sometimes he gets it wrong, and Congress steps back in, tells him, and the thing is changed to how they wanted the law to be.

This entire process, our government, is a process of study, examination, formulation of laws, then hearings for people and points of interest that the lawmakers didn’t capture when they formulated the law to express themselves, and then the law is made. Presidential orders or executive branch orders were a minor thing up until Obama.

Obama’s End Run around Congress

But what happens when the opposition party doesn’t want what you want? Then your desires and plans are stymied. So this is what happened to Obama, and by then the Justice Department was already infiltrated by Democrat slaves, and Obama wrote Executive Orders to enforce what he could not get a majority in Congress to agree to do.

We need to understand something here. Many times, the people of the United States are sleeping and bad politicians get into Congress, and although in general, the make up of Congress represents the desires of the people (the ultimate authority) there are some big mouths in Congress that would appear to have a lot more of the people behind them than they really do. But again, the fair electoral process usually cycles through and these people lose their seats of power and influence. The people who put them there wake up, even though briefly, and vote them out.

But the Democrat party started using Executive Orders as a way of dealing with a split Congress. Even now under Biden, they have the House majority, and we have an evenly split Senate, with the Democrat Vice President to break the tie in favor of the Democrats. But every elected politician in our government knows one thing, their term is limited to a short period of time, and they have to campaign again and their strongest campaign is that they did something in their previous term, and it was what their voters wanted. Even people like Sinema and Manchin understand this, and being in a Democrat elected seat, they have enough conservative Democrats in their constituency and enough Republicans and others that are conservative, they have to show their constituency a voting history that they will like or they will be out next term.

This is how the process works. Again, it has its problems, but they get worked out with time.

The Essential Element of Fair Elections

The Democrat game plan has included a perversion of the electoral process, reaching down into the states administration of their elections. The Constitution puts the actual working of an election in the states’ hands, and each state legislature has to make those laws, and most important of all, they have to formulate laws for the counting of votes.

When these people who actually run these elections are fair and follow the rules, then everything works out. Even a single precinct where there is great fraud is compensated by the fact that probably in the same state, there are 60-70 other precincts where the election was fair and the results are not so affected by the one bad precinct.

But this is not what happened in 2020 with the Biden-Trump election. The rules of observing the collecting and counting of ballots, and the throwing out of bad ballots and the challenging by observers of bad ballots to be further investigated for some fault, that was done away with. Ballots were counted behind closed doors, without any observers, and the collecting of ballots was just not done correctly. With mail in ballots now a major factor of the election, suddenly there appeared after the midnight hour, batches of ballots that were counted that should have been placed in a challenged category and investigated after the election and not counted in the final count until then.

The key in all of this is the “will of the people.”  The Constitution places the maximum authority (apart from God) in the hands of the people. Their will has to reign at the end of the day. Did it on election day in 2020? Apparently not.

All of this goes into the general war on the deplorables that the Democrats are now waging since Hillary (and really before). Let me be precise here. The will of the people is just ignored and stepped on. These Democrats are deciding who will win an election. One thing is to put your thumb on the scales, and make it come out as you want it to come out, but what they are doing is another thing altogether.

For example, in key states, the voting machines were hacked, and the outcome of the presidential race was exactly a percentage in hundreds of polling places. I do not remember the exact percentages, but let’s say it was 65% for Biden and 43% for Trump. So the voting machine changed the tally after every vote registered. It made no difference what the ballot said, the algorithm that they used changed changed the vote so that the 65%/43% percent was maintained. So if say that there were 100 ballots counted that were all for Biden, and the algorithm needed those votes to count for Trump, then those votes for Biden were flipped for Trump. This is not the will of the people but election fraud.

The “For the People” House bill wants to make the errors of the last election permanent Federal law, and at a state level, they will be totally outside of the election and counting process.

Biden’s Executive Orders

On Biden’s first day as President, he signed 30 executive orders. One notable one is that he killed the United States energy boom, where Trump made the US no longer dependent on foreign energy sources, but actually a net exporter of oil. This is a condition or advantage for the US that no president has been able to do, and it was extremely horrible in the years of 1960-1980 when the Arab nations (OPEC) had control over our economy by bumping up or down the price of their oil. We are free from that horrible situation.

Then Biden in his first day, thrust the US back into oil dependency. It is extremely depressing to see our President begging for oil producing nations to sell us more oil, and they give him a deaf ear. Only 12 months ago we dictated things to them, now we are their slaves thanks to Joe Biden.

But let us explore this for a minute. The regular process of making law was broken (and remains broken today). The entire process I explained above is by passed. Perhaps the maximum expression of the “will of the people” is seen in a fair presidential election and in their elected representatives in Congress. Joe Biden ignored the Congress completely and wrote what our law is to be. Where was the studying and examining of the consequences of that law? Where were the public hearings? I was amazed because to me, I would guess that the oil companies that were affected were unionized, and most unions vote Democrat. It was an offensive statement that Biden said, “let the unemployed oil industry workers learn how to program.” First of all, programming, sitting all day long and an oil worker that probably rarely sits but is up and moving all day working is just an insult. All that they learned to do their job is just wiped away, and “start your life over” say at 50 years old. You don’t do that to people. Then secondly, Biden has no understanding of the programming environment. It is intensively competitive, and only the cream is going to make it. Many fail and have to go get “a real job.” They drive garbage trucks.

Deplorables are Face off

So this is very important. The new Democrat party has made all people who oppose them into a “Deplorable”. A deplorable is somebody that they just will not work with at all. They need to just die and get out of the Democrat machine’s way.

In some points, they say so. Hospitals need to not give any service to people who are not vaccinated. Let them die. What? Hospitals have a mandate to do no harm to their patients. This flies in the face of that. But now you understand what it is to be a deplorable in their sight. What happens when we have a rough winter and there is insufficient oil to heat and provide electricity? In the winter of 2021, January through March, people died for lack of heat in Texas. Biden’s actions were seen quickly. As time goes on, we will see what happens when a nation moves from an oil based energy plan to a Green plan. The wind mills in Texas had ice forming on the mills, and no wind. They had to drain power from the electric grid that people were using to heat their homes in order to keep the ice from forming on the wind mills, and breaking. The solar panels had ice and snow and cloudy weather, and so they produced no energy. These are the consequences when the law making process is aborted, short circuited, or corrupted. People die. A lot of people are suffering from bad governmental decisions.

In the situation before the Democrats war on Deplorables, these problems would be the hot topics of elections. People would be throw out that supported the bad policy decisions, and good people that would fix these problems would be elected and work.

But notice what is going on. To even speak out, discuss, or in any way oppose what the Democrats are pushing is squashed by the media, by social media technology, and worse of all, all of academy and the medical establish are now spouting Democrat talking points. These people are those that would make unbiased studies of the situation and advise Congress. All of that has been corrupted to become Democrat talking points. There is no scientific investigation done. Just rubber stamp studies of the Democrat talking points. But reality has a way of crushing lies. The people who freeze to death in Texas, sitting on underground oil reserves that could supply all their needs for hundreds or thousands of years, must really come to the conclusion apart from political party considerations, this is not good for me. We are dying. We are suffering. Change public policy back to what it was 1 year ago. How quickly things have gone bad here!

You can complain all you want about President Trump, but you cannot complain about what he actually did. His decisions were highly studied, and for the most part, we saw almost immediate benefit to people. Trump, within his rightful authority, got regulations out of the way so that the economy could rebound. Do not forget what was before Trump! We had a depression since the 1980s that no president from either political party could fix. Trump is a successful businessman that got things done in his businesses and did the same in Congress. He worked with Congress, and laws were passed. Things, good things, beneficial things were accomplished under his administration. All of that was overturned on day one of Joe Biden’s presidency. Why? Why was this done if it worked so well?

Because the Democrats hated Trump. He managed to get good things done even with the Congress against him. Their opposition was an all out war. The media was against him. The courts were against him. But he overcame. We should applaud President Trump and re-elect him, and restored his work.

Global Warming Hoax

A good example of how the Democrats have overtaken our academic and medical systems is in the Global Warming hoax. The basic most proposition of this movement is that somehow Carbon Dioxide is somehow harmful to life on our planet. Any high school or middle school science classroom (before the woke era) explained that planets take in carbon dioxide, remove the carbon for their own cells, and expel pure oxygen. Humans eat planets and meat, and they take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. That is how God made the world to function. If we did away with all planet life, humans and animals would die. The two parts are necessary, humans and animals take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, and planets take in carbon dioxide and exhale pure oxygen. In a closed system like earth, the carbon dioxide does heat up the atmosphere, which in turn makes the plants grow more and faster and more abundantly. So there is no problem here.

There is also no evidence that man can change what is happening in any way. Before the industrial revolution with its use of oil based energy, there were periods in earth’s history of intense carbon dioxide. This just happens. Ignoring it is not science.

What the global warming crowd uses is computer models which are highly moveable as far as their results. By changing a few factors, the outcome is tremendous, but it is not accurate. If what they say is true, then over the past few hundreds of years, the ice on the planet is melting and the oceans are rising. But you can go to many places, basically every place all over the planet, go to a dock that was made 200+ years ago, and the tide marks are the same today as they were 200+ years ago. If the average ocean depth increased by a foot every 100 years, we would see the need to move the docks to higher ground. When does this happen? This would have to be a common occurrence for it to be a scientific fact. But it is not. Again, there is scientific evidence that is tangible and pertinent to the matter at hand, but facts are ignored and political talking points are taken as facts when they are not.

The basis of their thinking is that man is the harmful element in planet earth, and man should just die. That point comes out at times like in discussions of population reduction. They want wars to reduce the number of people on our planet. They are all for abortion. Millions die from abortions each year.

But the key point is that they use a political conclusion without basis in order to impose a scientific theory that is passed over into being a “fact.” In science, the weather is never fixed, and its changeableness is of great note. So when they get “scientists” to say what the Democrat talking point is instead of using the scientific method to deal with real facts and evidences, this becomes a political thing instead of science.

So if the planet is warming, why are we seeing record cold spells and snow falls? Do not tell me that global warming is making the planet colder because it is counter intuitive. It is one or the other.

The scientists who refuse to go along with Global Warming are put under persecution, and it is a great miracle if they end up with grants or any kind of position in a University or school of higher learning or valuable position on some committee. The issue is not the truth or falsity of what their position is, they are endorsed or blotted out of existence depending on how well they serve the Democrat narrative. This is not science you can count on.

We need to understand that this accepting or rejecting of scientists on the basis of their political affiliation is also the basis of making decisions that cause billions of dollars to go into some project or not. Nowadays, it is more like trillions of dollars.

Recently I saw a scenario based on the Democrat Green Deal plan. If all cars are electric by some day in the near future, and a hurricane hits Florida, the cars will only go half-way out of the state and will need to be charged again (taking 4 to 8 hours). If I-95 is bumper to bumper, and everything stopped because these cars are out of electricity, even the cars with electricity cannot get by. The emergency vehicles likewise are going to be stopped. They can only work a little bit until they need to get charged again. So where is the great research saying that we should go to 100% electric vehicles? Where are the hearings on how this plan could go wrong?

Recently I-95 further North into North Carolina and Virginia had a snow blizzard, and cars were stuck on I-95 without moving for 12 hours going onto 24+ hours. If you factor in the element that electric car batteries don’t work at low temperatures, when the temperatures get below 20 degrees and the car’s heater is used, the range can fall to 41% of normal. How is this well thought out? It isn’t. That is because the scientists who are making the decisions are corrupted politically, and those who are working with evidence and truth, facts, are silenced and threatened.

All of this is increasingly dangerous when the medical profession is now corrupt. We cannot place our confidence in what they are saying. What their policies and conclusions are, is very simply corrupted by a political force. This is the problem of big government. When the government stays out of education and grants and such, then the forces of what is true and right (actual with scientific evidence) come back into play.

The Deplorables have no rights

What should cause every American citizen to stand up and yell is what has gone on in the name of the Democrat party. People like Representative Maxine Waters and Al Green are Democrats that are just obnoxious. Waters proposed that when you see a Trump supporter in a restaurant, that you should go to their table and start yelling until they leave. What happened to the Constitution? Freedom of speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? In other words, you do not have the freedom to go to a restaurant and eat quietly with family and friends, enjoying the meal because Maxine Waters demands that you are denied this basic American liberty. Who is she? Didn’t she swear to uphold the Constitution when she entered political office? How can she promote this kind of cruel behavior to others that she doesn’t agree with?

The answer is because Trump supporters are deplorables, and anything you do to hurt or harm a deplorable is totally valid.

This is the new war. The Democrats do not want a Congress, an America, where they have to listen to other people, where they have to make compromises in order to get the opposing party to agree to what they are doing. They want a dictatorship with them in charge. Whereas for years, the Republicans held control of the Senate in years past, and the Democrats were for the 60% level for passing legislation in the Senate (because it forced the Republicans to negotiate with them somewhat even though they had a majority), but it was a way that a minority Democrat party was still in the legislating process. It “raised the bar” in that even though you had 51 Senators, you still needed some Democrat senators to sign on. It gave them power when they were in a minority position.

Now that they have a majority position in the Senate, they want to return to previous rules, where a 51 Senate vote passes. How convenient for them! If they lose the midterm in 2022, what will their position be on the rule? They will want to make the Republican majority have to get 10 Democrat Senators to agree with the Republicans to pass any bill. Probably they will be asking for a 70 Senator level to stop Republicans from passing laws.

This is all politics, and we should not allow them to do this.

In Summary, How do the Democrats treat the Opponents (and innocent bystanders)?

Very simply, you have to endorse everything that they put out, or they will do everything in their power to negate you. This means, that you do not have any rights, you cannot live normally, and everything they can do up unto making you die is valid in their eyes. Is this even a political party that deserves to exist? The principle people in this new Democrat party need to be destituted from their political positions and disappear into oblivion. Never give them a hearing. Let them have their moment of free speech, but not promote nor advance anything they are trying to do because of their abandonment of our Constitution.


Can we really allow people who do not really believe in nor follow the principles of our Constitution to hold the reins of government for even a single moment? I say no. The fact that they lie about upholding and believing in the Constitution of the United States should make these people disqualified from public service at any level.

Secondly, can we really allow people who hate other people in America govern? The point here is very acute. A Republican that follows the Constitution will always uphold the rights of a person of other persuasions, even a Communist, a Socialist, or a liberal. But a Democrat will not uphold the Constitutional rights of Republicans. They have corrupted the public media, academy, medicine, and science in general to see those who do not bow before them as “Deplorables”. How can we allow these people to govern?

The solution is not to remove them from office in a power play, but to vote them out of office, and push them out of all areas of our society in legal and fair ways. Woke businesses that are echo chambers of the Democrat, liberal, Communist talking points should go bankrupt because America’s citizens simply refuse to use their services or buy their products. This is the self-correcting way of our country and its principles as the founders saw it.

Democrats punishment the Deplorables

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