Democrat Failures Approaching 2022 Midterms

Democrat Failures Approaching 2022 Midterms

Democrat Failures Approaching 2022 Midterms is an overview and possible scenario for what the Democrats will do after the November 2022 midterm elections.

Each political party in the United States wants to govern, to control, and to “shine” their own particular views and policies. Usually the Presidency, the Senate, and House is a mixture of both major parties. In the last two years, the Democrat have had the trifecta, controlling all three of them. The party that is “out of the reins of control” of the country has to sit back and complain. The Republicans have had a tremendous amount of stuff to complain about.

Governing is judged by the Condition of the Country

Politicians are politicians. Whatever they do, they paint the result in bright colors. It is highly unusual to find a politician who actually confesses and owns up to some failure. The common response of any politician is to blame to opposing party. But that blame is very difficult to accept (by the people) when the people give those politicians a trifecta. What more do you want to make things beautiful in America? You could install a Democrat in the position of God, but that would be extreme (and is just not going to happen).

Early Complaining

It is extremely narcissistic to publicly scream, “it is my way or it is the end of the world”. To be truthful, all Republicans and Democrats could change parties or die, and our country would keep on working as it did before, and probably better than before. But when Democrats cry that if they are out of power, then our Democracy will die, inflation will “eat us alive”, and there will be chaos and mayhem everywhere in the United States.

We did the chaos and mayhem in the summer of riots under Trump. We survived. Our country is a republic, founded on principles of Capitalism and free market, not socialism and communism. What some are so upset at is the prospect that THEIR desires and plans for America becoming Communist will die. But that would be a good thing if their plans were stopped dead in their tracks.

When Trump handed Biden the reins of power inflation was at less than 2%, and the United States was energy independent, producing internally for all of our needs and selling excess energy to other countries, notably Europe.

Now we see what some have estimated as much as 20% plus inflation, and we are energy DEPENDENT, with Biden begging our enemies for their dirty oil. The US produces the cleanest energy and oil products of any country on earth. All the Green energy initiative is only shifting energy production from the US to China. China who has so many coal mines and coal power plants, that they have more than all the rest of the world combined. Those plants in China that are producing solar panels, and batteries for electric cars consume huge amounts of dirty coal to produce those products.

What has Biden and the Democrats done with the reins of power and how are they governing?

The answer is worthy of meditation. First of all, what are the major focuses of the Democrats in power. (Holding the reins of power is like giving somebody the keys to a 300,000 car and saying go park it. They better be responsible.) So we see the gender issues is a big thing the Democrats like to take credit for. The stealing of the kids from their parents is involved in this. Parents are now “out of the loop” as far as what their kids believe and do in the area of sex. Likewise in the area of how they understand the history of our country. Do you give the Dems a pat on the back for that?

The Dems are destroying our military (yet AGAIN). We have seen under Obama that he was ordering the military to shoot million dollar missiles into sites in the dessert where somebody made a phone call sometimes weeks before. It was a road and somebody made a call. Why? This uses up our weapons resources. Biden is doing the same with our Strategic Oil Reserves. Biden is also sending a great amount of weapons and munitions to Ukraine. Will these loses from our weapons and munitions reserves be replaced? Yes, but never under a Democrat president, and even under a Republican president, the Democrats will fight it every inch. Do you see beyond their generosity to Ukraine?

In inflation, we see a completely unnecessary quagmire in the channels of getting goods from factory to the consumer. Why? Is this benefiting anybody? California has been run by Democrats and is still run by Democrats for years. Yet they have so hindered and frustrated one of the biggest ports of the world. This has to be laid at the feet of the Democrats. The problem is simply the California laws around these ports. It is unreasonable that truckers from outside of California cannot come in, or are hindered by laws and restrictions, and the problem grows worse constantly. Right now everybody is in a recession in the US so businesses are buying as little as possible.

The bare truth facts are that what normal people are earning is not keeping up with the inflated prices. Inflation is going crazy, and years from now, we will probably see that the inflation in this time is actually in the 30 to 40% range. Some products are up that much. Others are up 100%. What does that tell you.

Biden’s cabinet is surprised at inflation. Duh? If they are the experts, they should understand how our economy works. If they are clueless (as seen by evidence and their words every day) then they should resign and the country should get people who understand business to govern. Trump is a businessman. He exactly pinned what needed to be done, and he pushed aside all the “government protecting itself”, and he removed all the hindering and frustrating laws others had put into place for years before him.

Remember one thing well. The problem was not just with Obama. Our down turned economy was like that for dozens of years, and both parties put up men that “would fix it”. None did. The first black president elected in the US was really elected because neither party wanted to put their people into the presidency to see them fail again. In this mess, the country had the policies of Ronald Reagan which worked well. The country was prosperous with these policies. But Democrats and Rhino Republicans rejected these working policies in order to go back to swamp economics.

Donald Trump came on the scene and once again, good policy made the country prosperous. After he was out, Joe Biden went back in extreme to the swamp economic policies, and unfortunately, the country has fallen on its face. Our economy simply stinks now. We are seeing empty shelves in the stores, companies closing up and going bankrupt, and we are seeing rationing. This is a dire straight for any country, but what is causing this? Democrats. There is no other simple answer.

So what’s up for Midterms?

First of all, Hillary is leading the charge in denying the election even before it happens. Forget what the polls say. The Democrats are going to lose big time in this election. Beyond the “normal” historical event at midterms, the in power party loses a lot, things are looking really bleak.

Obama is out campaigning for Democrats, and a heckler (or more than one) had a shouting match with him there in mid-speech. Besides being disrespectful, it showed that the common folks are fed up with what is going on.

So people are not buying the platitudes that Democrats are now pushing. They simply don’t believe what they say. The mainstream media is pumping out propaganda big time for the Democrats, but they have pretty much lost their audience. Even CNN has seen the handwriting on the wall, that if they don’t take into consideration their viewers, their viewers will go elsewhere.

There will be a big push during and after the midterms on the government clamping down on “misinformation”. This is not doing anything for misinformation, but is just punishing those who don’t obey my line of propaganda. But this will be a continuing issue.

What the country can expect

First of all, the Democrats will probably lose one or both chambers of Congress. This will cripple their efforts at imposing their will on the country. As per what Obama really started, the president’s “executive orders” will put out a never ending list of new laws because they have to by pass Congress. But 1) a Republican Congress will fight (we hope) all of this. 2) a good Supreme Court will rule against Biden.

So we will have a lame duck of sorts president. He is technically “there”, but he isn’t doing anything. In the case of Joe Biden which we have seen what he does when he does something, it is better to hide him away in a nursing home frankly.

Whether the country will come out of this or not is doubtful. At least not in the next 2 years. The Republicans in Congress can possibly pass good policies into law, and even override Biden’s veto. But it will be a tremendous up hill fight. The Democrats will stymie everything they try to do. They had their chance, and they drove our country into a ditch. Then they wanted to still mess things up. There is a lot of political pay back coming for them.

The one thing that I hate to see is that the statue of limitations on the crimes done by the Democrats is running out and what crimes these people have done will be unable to cause any harm to them. Maybe the scandal that is going to come will be a little bit, but really, nothing will be done to Hillary for example.

Donald Trump on the Horizon

To set a thought at ease, I do not see Ron Desantis as running against Trump. There is no need to do so on his part. Trump and Desantis are so similar in their views and policies that it would be a tremendous help to Desantis as president if Trump will take the dirty work of fixing what Biden and the Democrats have done to our country to destroy. But even if we have 4 years of Trump and 8 of Desantis, I doubt that will be anywhere enough time to fix the mess they have done.

But in the next two years Trump will turn up the campaigning. If the Democrats put up Biden again, it will be difficult in any way to accept another Biden win. The people will be tearing down the buildings in Washington if that happens. If the Democrats cheated in 2020, and I think they did, it would be hard to do it again. My opinion.

The Democrats need a charismatic personality like Obama to even take on a Trump or Desantis. There are no people on their side like that. Hillary is too old and feeble to be president. She tried that before, and really her health (and haughtiness) prevented her from campaigning in key battleground states. If that was what caused her to lose, how do we accept that Joe Biden did nothing from his basement and won? Incredible what people are asking us to believe.

But there are others in the Republican camp that are very charismatic and will undoubtedly be picked up by Trump and promoted and shown off.

Possible Grave Errors of Republicans

The first grave error I see is that the Republicans become Rhinos and do nothing. For example, they take their wins and do nothing with them. Inflation gets worse. Now it is attributed to Republicans as the cause.

There is a lesson that I hope Trump has learned. He needs to push the Republican party to remove the Rhinos like Mitch McConnell and McCarthy and put true MAGA people in their place.

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Democrat Failures Approaching 2022 Midterms

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