Why Blacks are turning Republican

Why Blacks are turning Republican is a commentary on a fascinating and blatant truth speaking black woman's rage against the Democrat party.

Why Blacks are turning Republican is a commentary on a fascinating and blatant truth speaking black woman’s rage against the Democrat party.

I found an article in American Thinker very interesting, MUST-SEE VIDEO: One amazing black woman gets it about Democrats. All of it. The gist of the article is a very frank black woman talking about the treachery that the Democrat party has done to blacks over their history. Instead of defending and promoting blacks, they have carefully and meticulously used blacks for their own political interests, and that has been with the consequence of hurting all blacks in the United States. I provide a reproduction of parts of this news article. Note that this is an unknown black woman in a Twitter video.

What stands out about this woman’s rant is that some people saw this way back when it was happening, but unfortunately, being white in a nation that has racism bandied about as the curse of God on our nation, they could not say what this black woman is stating as obvious fact.

I feel sorry for this woman, whoever she is. Because the Democrat Party is vindictive. They do not accept that black people are humans that can think for themselves, so for her and others like Candice Owen, a Black Republican that is outspoken in her criticism of the Democrats, they want to do them harm. This is sad. While the Democrat Party supposedly “uplifts blacks“, and seeks “to make them equal with everybody and anybody else“, they do not think that they can think for themselves much less have the right to denounce what they don’t like. Again, all of this just shows how they use blacks for their own purposes and then throw them into the trash can when they become “self-thinking” or “loud” in their criticisms. Democrats want every single black person in America to complain about Trump and the Republicans, but if they turn on the Democrats because they feel that the Democrats are not helping them, then the Democrat Party wants to negate them, i.e. replace them and make them be quiet. Thus, the entire Joe Biden term is about replacing Hispanics (see Why Hispanics are turning Republican) and Blacks with foreigners.

My question is obvious, but I will state it anyway. Why do they think that, being from a foreign country, that they will vote Democrat once they get the vote? Every single illegal immigrant is of the same thinking, and Democrats are just totally ignorant of how they think. They are from the what-benefits-me party. In other words, will they accept voting for the Democrat Party (who have shown the world that they made many promises to Blacks and Hispanics which they broke those promises, and they rigged the system against them)? In time, they will abandon these foreigners also. I guess they are running out of ideas, maybe Martians are the next group they will seek to trick. Because anybody examining their track record will surely see a pattern of lies and deception that shows what they are.

The United States of America is not Racist

I return to insist on this point. If America was racist, they would have not voted a black man into the highest office. Obama did not have the qualifications to be president. He was a hack that the Democrat party pushed into the presidency, simply because he obeyed the Democrat movers and shakers of their party, and he was black. The republicans (and white Democrats) could not or did not want to attack him because he was black. He got a pass on all the vetting that should go into any presidential candidate, because he was black.

If the Democrat party really is against racism, and they are not at all for white supremacy, then why are there so many white old people running their party? Joe Biden should not have followed as the next Democrat after a Black Democrat president. Obama chose Joe Biden because he was poison on the political front, and always has been that way since he entered politics.

Do you wonder why the Democrats and all of their policies seem to always damage what America once was, a Christian Capitalist Country? That is not by accident or coincidence. That is by plan. Barak Obama wanted and planned for America, a prosperous, safe, and Christian country, to turn into a third world hellhole like one of his beloved Muslim countries. Joe Biden does things like open borders in order to change America from what it was to what they (the Democrats) want it to be. Notice that Donald Trump’s appeal to people is simply, “RETURN” America to its greatness. He understands want elements need to be dominating again for America to be Great again. Maybe Trump is 100% wrong, then he would be like the Democrats. But whether he is wrong or not, he was president for four years and during that time we saw exactly what we would expect to see, America flourishing once again. People’s actual income went up and inflation bottomed out. The exact opposite of what has happened under Joe Biden. America was energy independent and sold energy products around the world. The first days of Joe Biden’s term, he reversed that, and we continue to suffer because of it. Energy pushes everything else in our economy, and energy is the underlying foundation of our prosperity. Democrats continue to destroy the US by destroying its energy and pushing the Green Agenda. This is all obvious, but because Biden never presented the Green Agenda for discussion, study, much less for a vote of the people through Congress, their elected representatives, he had to force it on us by means of a presidential order (this was perfected by Obama).

Democrats promote Black Women because they use the Racism Accusation to give them a pass also

The black lady in the video makes the point that DEI and what the Democrat party has done is that they by-pass black men as unnecessary (which she notes is very horrible to blacks everywhere), and they push black women that enter office simply because they are black, but ignorant and stupid at the same time. She makes the observation that there are very well qualified black men and women that are passed over for being pushed into politics by the Democrat party because they don’t lend themselves to blindly follow what the Democrats are pushing. That is the rub of everything. What that means is that the DEMOCRATS ARE USING BLACKS for their purposes, and they have no interest in the real lives of these black people. This is seem by most black areas of Democrat controlled cities and states as being a horrible place to live in. Absolutely! I would add here to this woman that there is a very good reason why black areas controlled by Democrats are so bad. The Democrat thinking is to cause pain, suffering, and misery because the Democrats rob the US treasury to be these blacks Messiah. That is the real problem here. Blacks can pull themselves out of suffering and misery, but human nature teaches us that very few people will work when they can do nothing but cash their welfare check instead.

When it is convenient for the Democrats, they seem to know how to go excessive to prevent human nature from taking over and doing something that they do not want done. A case in point, Biden wanted how many hundreds of thousands of new IRS workers to prevent fraud (this was both a confession that their political policies were not making people grow prosperous, i.e. you make more money, you pay more in taxes, and they recognized that more IRS chosen and trained IRS officers would be the perfect Tea Party persecution instrument again). But if Biden now say that the illegal immigrants are a problem, why didn’t he ask Congress for a half million more Border Patrol officers and billions in infrastructure help for walls, detention centers, etc.? It is because they are excellent when they want something that benefits them (the political Democrat party and their crony leaders) but not for the nation. “America” is something the Democrats have shown us repeated over the years that it is a concept that they hate, utterly hate and despise.

Barak Obama was a Curse, a Plague, and Still is

This black woman in her rant really calls out Barak Obama. Her point should be well taken. What did Obama do once in the office of President? He is from Chicago, and that is both a dangerous, crime-ridden place, and it has an immigrant crisis. It is a sanctuary city. When did he go back to Chicago many times to encourage black youth? Where did he pass legislation to help Chicago with their financial woes? The recent mayors of Chicago all keep asking for federal handouts. Obama didn’t do much in that regard, nor is Biden doing anything.

Why Blacks are turning Republican

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