Border Crisis Fix Make them Pay

Border Crisis Fix Make them Pay is an article on how to "fix America's border Crisis", exploring factors or elements that will change things.


Border Crisis Fix Make them Pay is an article on how to “fix America’s border Crisis”, exploring factors or elements that will change things.

An Overview

The first thing that has to be understood is that there is a problem. Joe Biden and the Democrat party do not see any problem in all the border situation, except one thing, the Republicans are stopping them from doing what the Democrats want to do.

What do they want to do with immigration? Firstly, they want to replace the normal United States population with people who are going to exceedingly do what the Democrats say. (This in itself is incorrect. Once in the US, these people want low inflation, not what Joe Biden is giving us. They want cheap rents. They want good paying jobs.) The Democrat’s thinking is simply that if they are the power brokers over the US Treasury (which is how they imagine themselves as being), then their power is in the free giveaways. These politicians never give millions or billions of their own money to these causes that they vote through Congress, but they are always giving the taxpayer’s money away. Secondly, they want to continue their giveaways to establish and maintain their control over the taxpayer. So their key concept is that through giving away “free things” they continue to have influence and power (and make money for themselves also). This is really the problem.

The United States is like a giddy teenager that somehow managed to get a credit card with $100,000 line of credit, but who is making minimum wage. At some point, the whole thing breaks down. We are getting there.

But note, there are ways to deal with deadbeats and thieves, and most countries in the world know well how to deal with them, and it is only in our exalted Congress that nobody can think, nor study and come to a position that works.

A key take-away then is simply that people are totally absorbed and controlled by what is economically convenient for them. If you make things inconvenient for them, then they reject this. This is the motivating principle behind everything that the Democrats do, and it is the motivating principle behind what illegal aliens do. (I would include aliens that legally enter the country and overstay their visas.)

So my ideas here are based in capitalism, in making money the control structure. For example, let’s make a “maximum wage” for illegal aliens of a $1 per day. Foreigners without work visas have to pay double rent, etc. It wouldn’t work, but if it was passed as law, and it was implemented so illegal aliens couldn’t get more, then the southern border situation would reverse, and the masses would be leaving the United States. But nonetheless, the principle here is to make it cost for illegal aliens.

A Curious thing about “Legal” Aliens in the US

I have lived most of my life in Mexico, although born in South Carolina. What I have come to hear from legalized Mexicans in the US is that they don’t like the illegal aliens crossing over. Their complaint is simply, they drive down what I get as a fair wage. A mechanic in a border town told me this. He was angry at the most recently crossed over. What makes me smile about this is that this is exactly the point. Every foreigner that tries to get into the US wants themselves to get in and their family and friends, and then “shut the door”. Don’t let any more foreigners in. That is because it strongly works against any legal foreigner in the US.

In other words, the Democrats and Joe Biden do not understand the people with which they are dealing. These people do not want MORE IMMIGRANTS, they want to shut the door, the Republican position. Once in the US, their own quality of life is their foremost priority, and anything that hurts American workers and consumers, hurts them.

The observation that foreigners come across the border as Democrats, but soon afterwards they convert to being Republicans. They want the “all the free give-aways”, but when they become taxpayers, they highly reject all the give-aways. I have heard the same blacks. They love the government give-aways when they are unemployed and receiving these give-aways. But when they get good paying jobs, or really good paying jobs where their tax burden is approaching 50% or more, then they are totally against “those lazy black people who live off of the tax payers.

Once a person crosses over from receiving the give-aways to being the one who is paying for them, and the government system needs a lot of oil to make their machinery work, so like welfare, $100 given to a poor person has another $400 behind that to pay for all the bureaucracy behind it.

What is the Crux of the Problem

Let me state the crux of our problem. We are running out of money. This situation is because America has been stripped of its money or wealth earning system. Factory jobs have gone overseas. Cheap plastic “junk” from China has flooded our markets. What we have is now expensive (electric vehicles for example), and it doesn’t function well at what it is supposed to do.

So when we should be in a belt-tightening situation, Biden has entered office with a spend thrift attitude. So the truth of the matter is, we are no longer in a position to give free things away. This goes for the United States as a country to other countries and causes around the world, and this goes internally as far as giving away so much to our own people. People need to stop sticking their hands out and go to work.

Illegal Aliens need to be stopped

One of the most important points to understand is that illegal aliens are breaking the United States laws, and they need to be brought under the law, what Congress and the People decide should be the law. If you allow a person to break the law in entering the country, then they will continue to break our country’s laws by illegally working, by lying about their identity, applying for aid when they don’t qualify, and in a myriad of other matters that they may be involved in once in our country. In other words, if you turn a blind eye to illegal aliens entering, then you give them permission to continue committing criminal acts.

The mantra of “nobody is illegal” is a lie in itself. If a thief breaks into your home and steals your possessions, is he breaking the law (illegal) or is he not? When you are personally harmed, you cry foul. But you can get a dozen thieves together and they will decry the term “illegal“. (But if somebody steals from them, then again they cry foul!)

It is interesting that the immigration crisis is exact linked with the Joe Biden crime family making money illicitly from their politics. Maybe people will defend Joe Biden in receiving bribes for political actions. But if Donald Trump were to do the same thing as the Biden family, liberals and Democrats would march on Washington and lynch him screaming and kicking all the way. Too bad that they are hypocrites that cannot muster even a peep against Joe Biden’s illicit acts.

But that is the problem in our country.

People can break the laws, the laws are not enforced, and the law become more and more Draconian while they less and have any teeth, have any desired effect in stopping what is considered wrong by the lawmakers of our country.

The Asylum Clause is Abused

Those immigrants claiming that they were somehow persecuted in their former country and want legal entry into the United States are just abusing the system. Most of these cases are denied being invalid when examined by immigration judges, and the majority of them don’t even show up for their case. Since Biden is allowing everybody in on this claim, those who are really persecuted don’t get a fair shake. It is interesting that Biden ordered the US Coast Guard to pick up people fleeing Cuba to the US, and RETURN THEM TO CUBA! (The US stops hundreds fleeing Cuba) In other words, all the people who want the economic benefits of working in the United States are actually overflowing the immigration courts so that real asylum cases cannot be heard. So we need to stop that.

Immigrants deliberately “lose themselves” in the US

The truth of the matter is that the United States is a large place, and people who get past the border guards can very easily lose themselves within the United States, work as an American citizen for the rest of their lives, and beyond some inconveniences that they’re willing to give up (like voting, like Social Security retirement, etc.), they “have the good life.” If a legal United States citizen tries this, the government always catches up with them though. Why is that? Why didn’t Biden ask for 50,000 new border patrol personnel? The law must take this (hiding) away from them. And the United States government (the judges, police, and Border Patrol) must do their job, and enforce the laws that Congress approves.

The problem of the greatness or expansiveness of the United States is a problem, because people can live in the United States as an anonymous person. (Using fake ID that the same criminal elements that got them into the US will sell to them.)

But there are solutions to this problem. First and foremost, people must be identified, and this must circumvent all of these fake IDs that these people pay to have made. Only criminals want to use false identifications. It must be made too expensive to use. So the easiest solution is that foreigners must have a valid passport from their home nation. If a person is a US citizen, then they need to have a US Passport. Then, secondly, there are “choke points” where this loophole can be closed, such as in rents, buying houses or property, and using banks and medical services.

Work is the key here. Work, and putting money into a bank or sending it somewhere. If the government closes down banks and money transfer systems to illegal aliens, then it will go a long way on solving the immigration crisis. In order to deposit or withdraw money from a banking institution, you need to be a citizen or a legal immigrant. You cannot work in the United States for a United States employer without being a citizen or having a legal work status first. You MUST PAY TAXES! Why would we deliberately let people work in US jobs and not pay US taxes? This is insanity even for a Democrat.

The entire “fix” of our immigration problem is to apply pressure to those who are breaking the laws. Make the law “have teeth” (unilateral enforcement) so as people will obey the law. If the law is no good, then get rid of it entirely. But to have a law and not enforce it, that should be treated as “breaking the law.” Biden has to enforce to the letter the immigrant laws of our land.

Here, the federal law makes hospitals attend anybody who walks through the door. While that may be altruistic, it is not realistic. Who pays for the services in such cases? Not the goverment, not the immigrant. So every citizen that has to pay his hospital bill gets the added expenses of the non-paying immigrants added onto their already large medical bills. This is unfair. Yet our government ignores this as even a problem. (Doctors and hospital owners could just lower their prices, but then that would be a fantasy land, not our real world.)

There is already a system to fix much of the illegals in the United States. That is e-verify. It is a database that has the information of every foreigner that is permitted by the US Immigration service to work in the US. Why is this system and fix ignored? Because it would stop the majority of illegals from getting work or getting higher paying jobs.

Let me place a thought into your head to meditate on. If according to Joe and the Democrats, nobody should be exempt from paying taxes if they make $600 or more from say selling something on ebay, then why do migrants get their entire year’s salary exempt from taxes because it is in the black market? Paying your fair share is not just getting billions to pay, but also these people who work in the black market.

But there is a key point in e-verify that is missing. People who work “off the grid“, like cutting a person’s lawn or cleaning a person’s house and getting paid in cash, but are not paying any taxes on that income. While I am all for lower taxes (for normal citizens and taxpayers), I am offended by these people. They take from our system (getting income from people on a black market work level) but “they do not pay their fair share of taxes.” I pay my taxes. Nobody gives me a pass on that. Most of these people used the US welfare system, public services (ambulances, police, doctors, etc.) when they first came to America and even throughout their lives here without ever putting back anything through taxes.

What happens is that the system breaks down when there are so many freeloaders and so few taxpayers that pay for things. This is where the system needs to be fixed. (And really, I am for less government than more, but Biden’s doing nothing is not what I see as beneficial.)

But forcing these choke points for foreigners would go far in keeping illegal aliens from abusing our country. Another point here is that America is the US citizen’s country, not “their” (the foreigner’s) country. If they are so “patriotic” why didn’t they fix the government in their own country instead of fleeing to another “better” country? Why don’t they push capitalism in their own country where they come from? Again, we need to set ourselves firmly against people who come into America to abuse, plunder, and destroy. Giving them citizenship or work opportunities, free government services, etc. to people who want profit for themselves but they do not do their due towards government is just wrong. We need to make a case to expel these people if they don’t pay taxes, and pay for the services and goods that they want.

Stopping the Rush on the Border

What we are seeing is exactly what happens when you open the border. There are caravans of 10,000s of people crossing. In a realistic mindset, there is no way that our immigration services can handle these numbers, much less the country absorb all these people with jobs and housing, medical, dental and schooling, etc. It just causes a crisis because no country in the world can handle this. So, since the country sets its own laws, America needs to make laws that handle the crisis. The first thing is to lower the number of immigrants wanting in.

Our Congress has made immigration laws for years now, and there are a goal of so many immigrants entering the US per year. What is happening under Biden and the Democrats is to ignore these laws (which Democrats equally with others made).

I have lived in Mexico since the 1980s. Illegal immigration at one time was just Mexicans going north and crossing the border at anywhere except at a border crossing point. At ALL LEGAL BORDER CROSSING POINTS, there are safe ways to get into the United States. If there is a river, then there is a bridge. People who cross in other points put their lives, and the lives of everybody with them, into danger. Many immigrants drown crossing the Rio Grande, and many die of heat exhaustion in the deserts. When people cross at a desert point in the border, many die. The majority of the landowners around these points have trash and destruction of their property by these illegals. Many or most will not climb a chain link fence, but they will make a hole in it, and walk through. The fences are to keep livestock within the owner’s land. So land owners have to go all over to collect their livestock, and again put the fence back up, and again everything happens again with every new batch. Even though most people in South Texas are of Mexican descendent, they are tired of this. They are voting Republican.

But there is a point that most Americans do not understand about what is going on. These people did not get to the border, or into the United States, by just taking a Sunday afternoon stroll. It takes a lot of money to get people across thousands of miles of land. Who pays for this? Firstly, the coyotes (the people who traffic these illegals for gain are called coyotes in Mexico) have been charging upwards of $7,000 to $10,000 PER PERSON to cross these people into the United States. Sometimes the illegal gets caught further into the United States and deported. That is another $7 to $10 thousand dollars to get him into the US again. In Mexico, just south of the “south Texas” Rio Grande valley area, the Mexican government officials regularly, over the years I have been here, have discovered mass graves of hundreds where these coyotes simply take cash from these people, take them out to a waiting area in the countryside, and then machine gun them down.

How does a coyote (human trafficker) get money from poor people?

Simply and brutally put, by being smarter than our Washington bureaucrats. They use their brains. Before they cross these immigrants, they get information from them. All of their information about what town they are from, where they worked, went to school, and all the names of their family and where they live. They verify all of this. Since these human traffickers are drug cartels, they have people all over the country, and they pay their people to investigate these people’s information. If it doesn’t check out or the person is “an orphan” with no family, they don’t get across the border except cash up front.

Does it seem wrong to you that all of this is done by drug cartels doing human trafficking, and they can and do it well for their purposes, but the US government can’t do it? Our government cannot “fix” this immigration problem because they do not want to fix it.

So capture the picture well here. These people 1) have no money (maybe a couple hundred dollars which doesn’t get their toes in the Rio Grande with the Coyotes), 2) They incur a debt of thousands of dollars PER PERSON to get into the United States, 3) they expose their family back in Mexico to torture and death if after they cross over, they do not pay the coyotes what they want.

The coyotes for their part, stage these people in safe houses on the Mexican side of the border for a few weeks, feeding them beans and tortillas (charging them apart for this), and then they cross over a couple of thousand illegals per night, often paying bribes to the US Border Patrol individuals (many Border Patrol personnel are mexicans, naturalized into the US as citizens). So $7,000 times 300 people per night is $21,000 a day up to 1000 persons a day ($70,000) that they can make. The enforcers back in Mexico are just normal criminals that are enchanted to rough up or kill people for a living, so all this is supported by this human trafficking. Joe Biden is who facilitates this.

But why not force immigrants coming into the United States to pay?

Since they are coming up with $7,000 per person in the long run to enter the US, why not make that a part of our immigration system? Think about this long and well. You cripple criminals when you make it too expensive for them to “do their thing“. Joe Biden has basically opened “our” border to the world. But the cartels are not going to be left out. They are actually making braclets that they attach to the illegals wrists before they get to the crossing. Any illegal without that cartel’s bracelet is beaten, run back into Mexico, or killed. These bracelets litter the border on the US side.

But making entering immigrants pay the United States government let’s say 5 times what the cartels are charging for the border crossing makes a lot of people think twice before they cross. The “safe way” is by boarding a plane and flying into the US, and the dangerous way is by the cartels. What will slow down all these border crossers in the first place is to simply demand that every illegal border crosser has to stay 6 months in a confinement area (i.e. a prison), with minimal comforts, and then returned to their country of origin. If they come from Haiti, back to Haiti they go. If they enter by paying the entry fee, they will stay in the US. What this does is bring these people into a brutal truth, you have to deal with the law.

The criminal curtails his stealing when he is threatened in his thinking of getting caught, and being out of any gainful activity (stealing) for years. Make the illegal aliens pay with years of their lives. This will cause things to happen. The cartels are no longer getting paid because the illegal is in a jail in the US. The cartels will lose money. Crossers’ families will be pressured, and this won’t work in the long run. Their families will argue for them not to go to the US.

Some will say that that encarcelation is too expensive. But is it? The people of the United States (those that pay taxes), are paying billions for these illegals anyway (the Cost of Illegal Aliens, $451 billion annually). China makes their prisoners work a full day for a bowl of rice. Put up prisons in the deserts along the border along with factories where the prisoners work, and ALL of their income goes to pay for their upkeep. They work for free for the American taxpayer. This will reverse the situation, and people will stop crossing our borders illegally causing us financial hardship.

Before some Democrat reads this and thinks that this money will go into his pocket or the US Treasury so he can spend it, all of this money that is charged to the immigrants so that they can come and work should go into Social Security. Bog them down with say $7000 dollars per year of taxes to come and work and live in the USA. Give these fees to the people who are most affected, and least can afford to be affected, the elderly.

The more this system “does not work“, i.e. it is too expensive for people, the more the illegal immigration problem will disappear. The key is that you force immigrants to pay their fair share of taxes, and more. Families that come into the country have to pay for the services that they use until they are citizens, and citizenship should take time.

For example, immigrant children enrolled in public schools should have to pay those schools for their education. Our law says that all children of school age have to be in some kind of school. So the immigrant dumps his kids in public school, and says, “What do you give me?” They want free breakfast, lunch, free school supplies, etc. Okay. Say back to them, “when and where and how much taxes have you paid?” otherwise, pay. Hospitals are considered free medical services to immigrants. Why? Even being free by law to people who do not have money to pay for their services, these immigrants prefer to go to a doctor who speaks their own language, and pay commercial prices for it. Make them pay for it, and if they cannot afford it, then there is the issue of how are they supporting themselves?

My wife is Mexican. We went through the immigration process. You have to prove that the immigrant is not going to be a “public burden.” So my question is why do legally entering foreigners have to abide by this “public burden” standard, but those crossing the border today don’t? This is already in the immigration laws for years now. Why do we let people into the United States that are public burdens? I mean, doesn’t the United States give millions and billions of dollars around the world to poorer nations? Besides doing that, we have to receive their people who have no profitable trade so that they can support themselves, just so they can get into the US and get more US welfare for themselves?

People who want Economic Benefits need those Benefits taken away

In all countries, a thief steals something of benefit to him. Let’s say money. But when caught, what does the justice system do? They 1) encarcelate the thief. He no longer can steal and make gain. That is a great deterent in itself. 2) They take away what he has stolen, and even things that he has not stolen but legally earned and bought, they confiscate this because the goverment cannot get what he has stolen and already spent. Getting caught “costs” him economically.  Another deterent. 3) They make it difficult for him to steal again.

What I see here is another simple fix. Make every single naturalization case, where a foreign citizen applies for US citizenship depend on a legal entry into the states. Their legal entry is a requirement before 1) work, 2) benefits (schooling for their kids, welfare, medical services, etc.) 3) citizenship. Any evidence of illegal entry in the past by the individual immediately disqualifies the person, and disqualifies him from work, e-verify again.

It is only when there are economic benefits in crossing legally that people will cross legally. The bottom line is that the US cannot handle all of these people. These rules or principles are already in place in the immigration law, but our government ignores these laws when they let people into the US illegally, or under false pretenses (asylum).

Migrant Remittances

This is another problem. What these immigrants are doing is they are working in the United States illegally, and then they are sending part of that money back to their family so that they can now come into the US illegally. Most foreign countries turn a blind eye towards them, because this is helping their economies. The United States should close down these forms of moving money from one country to another. Tax them like 50%. Other ways will crop up, but the pressure needs to be placed on money fleeing the United States.

Many of the people in the United Sates leave their families back in their country of origin. The entire purpose of migrating, legally or illegally, is to send money back to their home country, to their family. While I feel for these people, I also know and have been witness to many immigrants from Mexico to the United States. Many of these people are just lazy. They want to live like kings and queens, but they don’t want to work hard. If they worked hard in their own countries, they could make a good living. But the factors “back home” are that the government system is Communist, corrupt, not functioning correctly, etc. And they don’t want to work. They come to the US and live off of welfare. For that matter, many Americans are exactly the same, and welfare should be restricted to the elderly and the truthfully incapacitated. Young people or health people of working age should not receive any welfare even though they are US citizens. Wait until they are elderly.

Border Crisis Fix Make them Pay

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