How they perpetuate Election Fraud

How they perpetuate Election Fraud

How they perpetuate Election Fraud is an analyze and revelation on how bad characters perpetuate or actually perform election fraud.

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Was there really voter fraud in the past and present?

While many people “DENY” that there is any election fraud happening in the United States, you need to look past the hoopla and see the truth. The same people that get all bent out of shape over somebody denying the election results are also at the same time the biggest promoters of the “election fraud” conspiracy theories WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR THEM TO DO SO! So that is not right. Either there is or there isn’t.

In times past, BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES have both claimed election fraud at one time or another. The route these accusations take is simple. 1) Somebody loses and doesn’t lose like an adult, so they whine “election fraud”. 2) These accusations are always examined. If there is no evidence of election fraud, then the accusations are chalked up to being a poor loser on the person claiming fraud. 3) If there is a good possibility that these accusations have sufficient evidence, even ancillary evidence from statistics that isn’t hard and fast eye witnesses, then both parties get together and make new laws to prevent such an election fraud from happening in future elections. The idea of overturning an elections results is mostly not done. All accusations, valid accusations, are to prevent it from happening in the future.

The Problem with Election Fraud

The key problem with election fraud is that nobody is supposed to know how you vote. That would cause negative influences against some people from both sides of the aisle. So to keep the results and voting secret is very important.

Whatever “preventative measures” are made, they need to be made respecting the anonymity of each voter. I note that every voter registers as Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. That prevents people from one party voting in the other party’s primaries to mess things up.

Evidence needs to be dealt with

This article outlines how Democrat controlled cities and states are rigging the elections in their own state. While it is not really seen as something that should be done, Democrats are rigging their own primaries such that they are cheating as much against their fellow Democrats as against the country in general.

Some of the methods that are presented in this article are very interesting.

Manipulating Public Announcements

Back in the days before Internet, both parties dealt with rigging the political commercials so that one party “does not have undue advantage.” Equality in broadcasting time meant that however many minutes on candidate or party had on TV, the same TV station (or radio station) had to offer the other side equal time. So that principle was made into election laws in each state. Note that according to the Constitution that we all live by, the states have the power, authority and oversight to hold elections not the federal government.

Now with Elon Musk’s revelation of the uneven playing field of Social Media, we enter into election manipulation. If this were the 1960s with only TV, the arguments of both sides to make the public venue equal to both parties would be a given. But somehow the playing field has been rigged, and nobody can even talk about it without causing a fall of our Democracy. Remember, a Democracy is like mob rule, whoever gets the most votes on any issue wins. We do not have that. We have a Democratic Republic. That means that the republic part is going to come into things as an over-structure of rules that equalize things for all involved in order to “make things fair.”

Sidenote: Fair is not pushing one point of view to trample over others

In issues of racism and now sexual views, “fair” is not to uplift homosexuals and trans above normal marriage. Even in a godless point of view, it should never be more just allowing these people to exist unhindered in their lifestyle. That is what these people wanted years back. Now they want a forcing of people of other lifestyles, e.g. 1 woman and 1 man married til death do they part, they are wanting these normal lifestyle people to partake of the gays and trans lifestyle by force. This is not equal and it is not fair. Our country is not defending “normal lifestyles” nor even giving them ground to continue, but the government is trying to force change on people against their will. This same thing is seen in doing away with fossil fuels. We have no choice. The government has decided and that is the end of the discussion.

The Constitution instituted Protections, and they are being done away with

Within the Constitution, free speech is championed. When there is free speech, then in the debates of public ideas, reason tends to come to the top along with actual physical (real) evidence. At one time, it was popular to use lead in cosmetics. With the physical real evidence of the damage that lead does to the human body, lead was outlawed. That is how this is supposed to work. Only when some persons take a will to force something upon everybody does this get messed up. King George willed taxes on the colonies and see how that went for him.

If the Constitution “gives” to government powers, one of those powers has to be to prevent and overthrow monopolies. So the principle here is that all parties involved have to respect the equality of everybody else doing the same thing. Bell South was broken up because they had a monopoly on the telephone business at one time. Ma Bell as they termed it was broken up. Why? Because our form of government prevents big agents from taking over the playing field making unfair business practices. This even extends to just a few big players that get together among themselves to control a business. Gas stations cannot get together behind the scenes to rig the price of gas in a town. (Supposedly) The bill before Congress to fund the US Federal government for the future has some people in Congress trying to force JCPA Media Cartel bill into it.

This is the oppose of what I mentioned above. Instead of government breaking up monopolies, this bill will establish one. Why?

So why are some members of Congress trying to exactly make that happen with the news business?

Voter Roll Corruption

The entire basis of our government structure is founded on certain principles of fairness, but also on the concept of “we the people.” By this I mean that “we the people” are a powerful force within our country. While a simple mob majority decision is no enough to do anything they want, but the will of the people is a major factor in how we govern our country. So supposedly, the will of the people decides many or most things in our system of government. As we are under free enterprise (with the government protecting everybody from everybody and from the government itself), we are different from Communism which controls the means of production.

The foundation of government is voting. This starts with a voter roll of those who are allowed to vote. Before you get too far into this, we start off with a simple first restriction. No children can vote. Why not? Because a child will most probably not vote his or her conscience but rather whatever their parents tell them. So we have a concept, “of age” meaning that a person cannot vote until their are basically an adult. Working for their own sustaining and living not dependent on others are two concepts with being of age.

But voting is not a gift that we hand out like candy. It is a right and privilege. But doesn’t being able to vote also mean that you are a taxpayer? I mean taxation without representation was a founding concept in our country, wasn’t it? So there are certain things related with voting that we need to maintain. Basically, some people shouldn’t vote, because they somehow have lost the right to vote or haven’t achieved some in life in order to get that right. We saw how age and sustaining oneself need to be achieved before getting the right to vote. How able criminals? It has been the case for the history of our country that when somebody does illegal activity of a degree that is very serious, that they should lose the right to vote. Here we see that this was done 1) to punish those who do evil, 2) to prevent a large group of inmates from voting things that would abuse the system in their favor. What if all inmates were given the right to vote and somehow they got a law on the books to pay everybody in jail $5000/month? That would not be fair for the people on the outside that has to pay that, and they don’t get that “perk”, nor should they. They are supposed to support themselves as good citizens.

But “voters” need to be restricted to taxpaying citizens. We would include a non-working adult wife and retirees, but not much other.

Voters need to be restricted to only United States Citizens

It is one thing to be “allowed to pay taxes”, and basically, that is an obligation every citizen has, to pay their taxes. There is nothing wrong with this, and actually, nobody can expect our government to function and to function correctly if our citizens are not paying their taxes. Our governments services to the people are paid by their taxes.

We understand that children of taxpayers should also benefit from what their parents are paying in taxes.

But why should the United States pay money, services or any other “perks” to non-citizens? There should be a legal path to citizenship and the Constitution establishes that, but people must go the legal path and not illegally break through the border and just live illegally in the US and then want the government to give them all kinds of financial benefits.

If we do this, if we allow this, then the United States citizens would have to support the world. This is just not possible. Moreover, the worldview as far as our distinct country is concerned is ignored by all these foreigners and their expenses are to be picked up by the US citizens. That again is not fair.

Sidenote: Why do people want to come into the United States illegally?

The question is a pertinent one. Yes, why? The almost unilateral answer to this question is the same, because a person would be better off economically in the United States. In a few cases, say like in China or North Korea, their restriction on moving about as their will would be lifted in the United States.

But again, why don’t they have these benefits in their home country? 1) Because their government is repressive. Our government is becoming repressive itself by the way. But why don’t they get involved in their own government back home, and change things so that business thrives, inflation is low and work is well paid? The reason why they don’t won’t to do that is because they want the “good stuff” but they are not willing to personally sacrifice like so many Americans have done so in our past. I hesitate to say that most people in the United States, mostly the younger crowd, are not of the sacrificing for country kind of people nowadays. So the United States will soon be like China or North Korea, and the illegal immigration problem will disappear.

Some foreigners will say, “You don’t understand where I come from. It is next to impossible to have these benefits and liberties in my country.” Yes, I do understand. But that “impossible feat” is exactly what the United States faced and achieved, and what is needed to keep America Great. When you are the sort of person who wants benefits and don’t want to work long and hard, you will have to steal those benefits basically.

In many countries around the world where there are migrants leaving that country, there are a lot of people who stay behind and do well economically because they work long and hard and don’t complain about it. They accept it and do it for the good of themselves and their families. The typical migrant wants something for free. Once they become actual citizens of the United States, funny thing. They complain about paying too much taxes, and they want to restrict any further migration, especially illegal aliens that work for cheap pay. Huh. So why are American citizens wrong for wanting to restrict illegal immigration in the first place?

One citizen gets one vote

What is going on is very simple. Realize what it is. If “we the people” is important in forcing government to do what the will of the majority of citizens are, then a simple vote and the will of the people is settled. But no. There is cheating going on. Why? Very simply because the Democrat leaders (not even the rank and file Democrats) all want stuff that is not prudent for majority of the people. Why are we spending so much money around the world, including participating in foreign wars when America has financial debt and is drowning in it? Answer: our leaders want it so.

So what do leaders do when the majority want one thing, and the leaders (a minority) want something else? They make things appear that the majority of the citizens want what they want. But in a strait and simple vote, that won’t work. So they put policy and politicians in place using schemes to defraud the election process. One citizen may get his “one vote”, but a crooked system will manufacture tens of thousands of false votes. Sending out vote by mail ballots deliberately changing one number in the zip code so it will come back to the post office, and then they collect these ballots and open them, vote how they want, and send them in.

The article expresses various ways that votes get counted, but the citizen given 1 ballot is not who is marking the ballot. This means that Democrats basically only have like 30% of the voters behind them, and they have to manufacture EVERY SINGLE ELECTION another 20+% in order to win. Winning by 1% is just as good as winning by 100%. If all ballots were marked for Democrats, we would all know something is wrong. But only 1% makes it difficult to detect that something is wrong.

In our age of computers, certain things are often easily done enmasse and undone in just minutes. Using mail in ballots, especially if they are not specifically requested by the voter, just opens things to fraud.

The Need for Voter ID

Within all of the hoopla of election fraud, why do we not see a push on all sides for voter IDs? Voter IDS and even using finger print confirmation is very easily done today, even banks are going to this, so something even more important than money and banks, in voting, why don’t we go there? I mean the point is that some people don’t want a voter ID. But they have other forms of picture ID, so why isn’t at least picture ID required?


The conclusion of the matter is that there are fraudulent people out there, and no matter what you do to stop them, they will continue. But as the founding fathers had the attitude of analyzing fraud claims and closing those loop holes is the way to go, we as a country have not captured and do not practice this any more. That in itself is a fraud that even Republicans accept. We must force our government to do what is right and make a fuss until they do. We must make our voices heard, and be a thorn in their side until things are done right.

How they perpetuate Election Fraud

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