How to Fix Election Fraud

How to Fix Election Fraud

How to Fix Election Fraud is an article by David Cox on how to fix election fraud in the United States examining where the problems are. This article is taken (and modified) in part from Software engineers report Dominion flipped ‘minimum of 138,000 votes’ from Trump to Biden in Michigan

Follow the Election Laws

There are a lot of good laws on the books, but the problem is not that there are rules, guidelines and outright laws, the problem is people disobey these law without any repercussions.  Should there be a bipartisan commission to investigate election fraud? No. When you make a commission with half Republicans and half Democrats, all they do is negate each other’s actions and nothing really gets done. There should a police body to investigate fraud, and they should be free from political bias.

Voter Registration ID cards should be issued

We already have these. But the problem here is that they do not have photos on them. They should also have fingerprints. Before a person votes, they should ink one of their fingers and leave their fingerprint in the election poll’s election book (beside their name). Doing this has two effects. #1 it should be will indelible ink that won’t come off for 24 hours preventing people from physically voting twice in an election. If their finger has this ink, they are blocked from voting a second time. #2 doing this will leave a trail that police can use to indict people who vote illegally in two places in a single election.

Without a voter registration card, a person will not be allowed to vote.

Election Voting Machines must be open to public inspection.

The software used should be public domain. There should not be tweaks or changes before an election.

Use Paper Ballots

With the increase in fraud, the simple solution is to just use paper ballots with watermarks that make it difficult to photocopy. If we do recounts anyway, why not just use paper ballots from the start. If the votes are counted at each voting place before being moved to the consolidation place, and in the actual polling place where people vote, the results are written on a piece of paper and posted publicly, this makes manipulation afterwards awkward at worse or impossible at best. Why don’t the election administration people want this? Because once a polling station posts on election night their results, those results are hard to change. That is what we need.

Post the Ballot Images on the Internet

Since the voting machines today are just scanners that scan the paper ballot, why cannot we post all of these scans on the Internet as they are being cast? The time between casting a ballot and the announcing of who is the winner is a key space of time where fraud is committed. If say every 30 minutes after 3:00 PM election day the ballots are posted as they are cast (with no name identification, just place, time, and an image of the ballot) then people can have more confidence in the election results. I would note that each county, precinct, or polling station can very easily have their own watermark to make them impossible to move to another place.

Audit every polling place

Since an election is of great importance, there should be an audit made of every polling station and the entire process from beginning to end every election.

Each polling place, county, precinct and state should act independently

In other words, from the bottom up, all results should be tallied a quickly after the election and posted publicly immediately. When results are consolidated at the next level, the same thing should apply. It is when everything is secret and brought into a single place, that is when the fraud happens. Keeping one party out of the counting process is a key factor that the party in the counting process is committing fraud.

Prevent Internet Voting

As all of this gets worse and worse in our day, the use of the Internet to vote should be prohibited. There is nothing wrong with a paper ballot, and what kind of citizen are you if you cannot get out of your house once every 4 years to vote for the president. While we are at, eliminate mail-in ballots. In the height of Covid, almost every single family went to the supermarket to buy food and probably spent at least a half hour there doing so. To vote, you rarely spent more than 10 minutes. So why is one impossible and the other normal and greatly possible?

Crosscheck Voter Registrations Nation-wide to Eliminate Duplicates

Every voter should have a unique voter registration ID keyed to their Social Security number, and those should be checked. 3 months before the election, both places where duplicates are encountered should receive a removal order, and wherever the person really is, he or she should get in contact or return something to the voter registration bureau saying this is where they really are. The other place would be dropped.

Voting by mail needs to be improved

While voting by mail needs to remain, it should not be for any reason. Being scared of catching a cold or some other disease while out is not a valid reason to vote by mail. Voting by mail should only be allowed for extreme cases where the person simply cannot vote in person. There has to be a reason other than he prefers not to.

While voting fraud is becoming common with mail-in ballots, a system needs to be made that will keep this from happening. The mail carriers are becoming the Democrats favorite works in mail-in ballots, and they simply look at what an area is generally (say Republican) and then either keep or dump in the trash can those ballots as they come in.

In the case of mail-in ballots, perhaps we can allow a limited number of these people to vote by the Internet in a secure interaction. First, the particular voting administration will prepare an electronic ballot. The person goes to a their website, enters his or her name, address, age, and social security care. Then they enter a photo id card like a driver’s license. Then maybe a credit card in their name to complete their identity verification. They must sign (check) that they will not vote in person in the election, and that they are not under coercion while they are presently voting.

Then they vote and sign out. Once signed out, they cannot return that election. Their mail-in ballot must be completed 2 months before the election. The voter book at each polling station will have an annotation for all the people who have already voted. If they say they didn’t vote yet, then their ballot is challenged, they are allowed to vote, and their ballot is put into a special envelope to be decided after the election.

Voter Harvesting needs to be prohibited

The practice of someone going around and collected people’s ballots should be prohibited. If they got their ballot by mail, they should be able to equally return the filled out ballot by mail. If coercive elements are prohibited in the polls places, the same principle should be applied here.

Author: Pastor Dave

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